I’m a fast talking southerner with a camera in one hand and a good book in the other.

For me, photography isn’t just about taking pretty pictures. It's about the friendships and relationships that form in the moments between pictures. It's about having my client’s best interest at heart as I capture a moment in time that can’t be relived, but can be enjoyed forever.

Hey I'm Kendra, welcome to the blog.

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2019 has been an insanely crazy year for us!!  From Kenzie starting at a new school back in January to Gary & I having full work calendars… we then threw in looking for a house in the new school district we have Kenzie in.  Found a house… put our house on the market… bought and […]

Three weeks ago I began a social media fast.  And besides a handful of quick pop ons to check my direct messages… I haven’t been on social media… and y’all I don’t really want to ever be back on.  I can’t believe I just wrote that sentence.  But it’s the truth.  20ish days without the […]

I’m going to come right out and say it… I struggle with social media.  I struggle with the NOISE of it, the expectations that come from it (even if they are my own made up expectations), the keeping up with it, the staying up to date with all the changes & algorithms, the comparison that […]

A few years back I did a series where once a month I did a post called “10 things” where for 12 months I told you 10 random things about me!! Since that time Kenlee arrived in our lives and things have gotten crazy and I haven’t done a lot of personal posts…. so today […]

10 years ago when I first started photography I thought there were a lot of photographers. HA I had NO idea what A LOT OF PHOTOGRAPHERS looked like. Y’all there are SOOOOO many photographers today. A big part of that is due to technology and all of the education that is right at people’s fingertips […]

I have sat down to write this post at least five times and each time I truly have been unable to find the words as I have looked back on my 2018.  2018 was my TENTH year in business and what an amazing year it was!!  From launching mentor sessions to photographing weddings & sessions […]

Greenville Wedding Photographer | Kendra Martin Photographer

I really can’t believe that tomorrow is Christmas!!  The last few years I have sent out a digital Christmas card… well that didn’t happen this year and honestly this post almost didn’t happen either!!  Between snow days and sick kiddos and all the crazy good of owning a business and life itself… well a Christmas […]

When looking for a photographer there are two things that I think are super important!! The first is… do you get along with them/are you comfortable with them (and this is a completely different blog post for another day… but especially if you’re looking for a wedding photographer know that you want to feel comfortable […]

Kendra Martin Photography

I don’t know why I thought photography could only be a hobby for me… my parents always made sure I knew that I could be whatever I wanted to be and that if God was calling me to something I should go after it… but I guess I thought that photography wasn’t something I could […]