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Greenville, SC Wedding Photographer | 10 things about Kendra… JULY!!

I hope y’all have had an amazing month of July!! Can’t believe how fast it flew by!!  Here are 10 more things about me…

1.  I have a crazy sweet tooth.

2.  I am a firm believer in furthering my skills & continuing education and have over the years attended workshops & been mentored, etc… but right now I am taking classes with the International Academy of Wedding Photographers.  At the end of it I will receive a certificate.  I have finished up four of the eight courses and have taken away so many tidbits over the last few months & I’m looking forward to everything else I’m going to take away & learn from this certificate program.  At the end of the day I just want to be a better photographer & business owner… so thankful for the opportunity to be part of the first group of students to go through the academy!!

3.  I had NEVER flown southwest airlines till we moved to South Carolina.  It is now my airline of choice! (the free checked bags might be what did it for me)Kendra Martin Photography | Greenville Photographer | Spartanburg Photographer_0001

4.  Growing up my best friend & I would put in disney movies and pretend to be the different characters in the movies :)!!  She had crazy long hair so she always was the princess & I usually ended up being one of the other characters…  it’s totally how we spent snow days & long summer days!!

5.  I LOVE the east coast and so very glad to be living in a state again that’s on the east coast!!

6.  So y’all now know I have a sweet tooth… my sweet of choice is ICE CREAM!!!!!  Love bluebell ice cream & talenti gelato!!!

7.  I am a HUGE list maker… I have lists for everything!!!

8.  If you were to see my notes or agenda or anything where I write something on… I love writing in different colors.  I was the same way growing up, I would much rather write in purple or pink than black or blue :)!!

9.  When we moved to South Carolina I totally didn’t step foot in this house until the day I arrived in this state.  Gary did our house hunting & thankfully I saw it via technology but not in person till I actually moved!!  Gary did an awesome job, we love our new home!!

10.  Speaking of our house… we’ve now been here for a little over a year!! It’s been a crazy awesome year & so many good memories have already been made!!  I am really loving living in South Carolina!!

Alright, there’s my 10 things for July!! See y’all next month!!

Kendra Martin Photography is a Greenville, SC Wedding Photographer & Spartanburg Wedding Photographer specializing in Wedding, Senior, and Lifestyle Photography.

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  1. Casey Rucinski says:

    Love this! Love getting to know a little more about you!!

  2. Taneisha Harrison says:

    This is great! A little over a year late, but welcome to the east coast! It’s quite lovely over here. 🙂

  3. Sarah Schwartz says:

    Cheers to east coast living.

  4. Morgan Mathews says:

    This is such a great idea! I love Talenti. yummmmm. 🙂

  5. Renee Leveille Bielby says:


  6. Erin Baer says:

    I did the same things with the disney movies. Many a days spent as various characters.





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