Hey!!!  So I love September because it’s the month before my FAVORITE month… OCTOBER!!!  But I’m really loving the cooler weather that is hitting the Greenville & Spartanburg area right now.  It has me so excited about boots & sweaters (cardigans for me because that’s my sweater of choice)… anyways all that to say I’m excited that it’s September and excited for today’s blog post!!

1.I am a nike girl!!  But I will say Underarmor had some mighty comfy workout tank tops this summer that make me cross over a little bit… but overall I wear nike shoes, etc…  I’ve loved nike since middle school and it’s seemed to stick… even in college when we were sponsored by another brand I still loved nike and only wore the sponsored stuff when I absolutely had to ;)!!!

2.  I LOVE Hilton Head!!!  We went to Hilton Head for the first time last November on vacation and we loved it so much that we decided we would go back this year on vacation when it was a tad warmer.  We went at the end of August/beginning of this month and had the best time!! We are already planning our vacation for next year!!  If you’ve never been it’s totally a laid back, family atmosphere… love being able to ride bikes EVERYWHERE, find an ice cream shop everywhere, and eat all sorts of yummy food while getting to be at the beach… love it!!!

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3.  I am a canon shooter.  It’s what I first started with and after purchasing a few lenses I couldn’t turn back!  I love canon!!

4.  I am NOT a fan of moving.  I have now moved 13 different times, lived in 5 different states… and I’m done (as I type that I’m just praying God doesn’t decide to be funny and move us… He can have a funny sense of humor at times!!)… I really hope we don’t have to move again ANY time soon… even a move to another house in the same area would be the end of me ;)!!!

5.  I love sunrises and sunsets!!!  One of my favorite things about sessions is either getting to watch the sunrise before a morning session or set as I’m heading home from an evening session!!

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6.  My FAVORITE season is fall!!

7.  I am a fan of notes, snail mail, cards… there’s just something about sending AND receiving a hand written note or letter.

8.  I am a fan of Dawson’s Creek… and I might have a friend that looks like Katie Holmes and may have been mistaken for her a few times in college!! 😉 the perks of going to school where the show was filmed!!!

9.  I am also a fan of One Tree Hill… and yes both were filmed in Wilmington… and that MIGHT have something to do with it because I love that town, but I also just really like those shows  Gary and I are almost done with watching One Tree Hill… not sure what we’ll binge watch next.

10.  And lastly but certainly not least… we are expecting another little one in March!!!  We are beyond excited and Kenzie can’t wait to be a big sister!!!

Kendra Martin Photography | Greenville Photographer | Spartanburg Photographer_0029Janine, I really can’t thank you enough for these precious photos you took of us on Kenzie’s Birth Day!!!

🙂 :)Well that was random and fun!!! See y’all in October!!! And if you’re interested in the last 6 10 things about Kendra posts click here….

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