I’m a fast talking southerner with a camera in one hand and a good book in the other.

For me, photography isn’t just about taking pretty pictures. It's about the friendships and relationships that form in the moments between pictures. It's about having my client’s best interest at heart as I capture a moment in time that can’t be relived, but can be enjoyed forever.

Hey I'm Kendra, welcome to the blog.

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Usually I have this post written at least the day before our anniversary but I’m sitting here at 12:57 on October 6, 2021 and I’m just now writing it. It’s been a crazy fun season that we are in the middle of right now sooooo I’m pretty sure you’ll forgive me for being a tad […]

Happy Birthday Gary!!! I know this year has been a crazy one.  From it starting with you taking care of me after surgery, to starting the remodeling process of our home, to us navigating covid to girls being home ALL the time, to you dealing with work stuff, to just 2020 in general… it’s been […]

13 years ago today we got married.  We had NO idea at 22 & 23 years old what life had in store of us.  Had you told me all the highs, lows, and in between we’d experience in the last 13 years I don’t know if I would have believed it.  13 years of being […]

2019 has been an insanely crazy year for us!!  From Kenzie starting at a new school back in January to Gary & I having full work calendars… we then threw in looking for a house in the new school district we have Kenzie in.  Found a house… put our house on the market… bought and […]

Happy Happy Birthday!!!! I LOVE that this is the 21st time that I’m getting to tell you Happy Birthday!!! To think back on 14 year old me and how nervous I was about your 16th birthday and had NO idea what to get you or if my parents would even take me to the store […]

I was going to go back and re-read past anniversary blogs but I thought I better not because then it will keep me from saying what I want to say… mainly because I probably say the same thing every year.  After I finish writing this I’ll go take a look at them and compare :)!!  […]

Spartanburg SC family photographer 1737

Have you ever felt left out?  Like no matter how hard you try, how often you ask… no matter how kind and loving you are… you feel like an outcast, always left out, and alone?  These feelings are something you can feel whether you’re in elementary school or 80 years old.  Being someone who has […]

Last July my sister and nephew were coming down for the morning to visit and so I could take his three year photos.  She had texted me that morning to tell me that she was going to do two outfits and I simply said “okay” not thinking anything of it. I proceeded to do our […]

Three weeks ago I began a social media fast.  And besides a handful of quick pop ons to check my direct messages… I haven’t been on social media… and y’all I don’t really want to ever be back on.  I can’t believe I just wrote that sentence.  But it’s the truth.  20ish days without the […]