Greenville Wedding Photographer | 10 things… JUNE!!

So I totally realize that it’s the last day of the month & yep I’m waiting till today to post my 10 things about me for the month of June!!!!

1.  Y’all one of my favorite places to be is ON THE BEACH!!! I love love love love love love love love love love love the beach!!!!  But with that being said… I don’t love the ocean ;)!!!  I will stick my feet/ankles in the water but you better believe that I’d much prefer the sand, a beach chair, our awesome umbrella, a book, sunglasses (so people don’t realize I’m actually people watching… that’s for another 10 things!!), and a cold cheerwine… yep.. I LOVE THE BEACH!!!

2.  I was a nanny for a short time during college.  Really loved the family I worked for!!!!

3.  I am a fish fan!! (as in eating fish)

Kendra Martin Photography | Greenville Photographer | Spartanburg Photographer_0002We had these above photos taken back in March when we were visiting Wilmington.  It was a COLD COLD COLD evening, but we love the photos and can’t thank Trinity enough for the sweet photos that we now have scattered throughout our house!!

4.  One of my favorite places I’ve ever traveled to is Hopetown, Abaco Bahamas!! Y’all I love that island and I can’t wait to go back (anyone have the hookup on a place to stay there ;)).  After Gary & I visited the island while we were in Marsh Harbor for a missions trip the summer after I graduated HS we both said that it would be a dream to own a house down there.  Yep, still a dream.  Still need to go back there with him & take Kenzie too!!!

5.  I LOVE some FLORIDA GATORS FOOTBALL!!!!  My dad grew up in Gainesville and because his dad was a Chaplin for the team he found himself loving the Gators… he passed that love down to his girls because both Cara & I are Florida fans!!!!!

6.  I don’t do the grocery shopping… Gary does.  I do the meal planning & cooking, Gary takes my detailed grocery list and grabs what’s on it and then he does the dishes ;)!!  As much as I complain about meal planning on Sunday’s (because I always wait till the day of grocery shopping to do it and then I’m just stressed.. maybe one day I’ll do it before then)… but even though I tend to complain at times, I really actually love planning out what we are going to eat for the week & making our grocery list (in the order it’s all found in the store ;)… I’m not at all OCD)…

7.  Speaking of food… I love a good meal & dessert ;)!!! One of the things we love most about visiting new places is finding amazing places to eat!!!!!  And if we like the spot well enough we will totally visit it a few times while we are in town!!!!

Kendra Martin Photography | Greenville Photographer | Spartanburg Photographer_0001This is another photo that my friend Aubrey took of us a few days after Kenzie was born.  Speaking of which she turns 3 on Friday!! HOW IS THAT EVEN POSSIBLE?!!?!?!

8.  Ohhhhh sweet tea…. it runs through my veins!!! What I love so much about living in SC (as opposed to Texas) is that when you ask for tea here in the south it’s actually sweet, you don’t have to ask for “sweet tea”… in Texas you ask for sweet tea and they look at you like you’re crazy (unless you’re at chick-fil-a, McAllisters or texas road house) and then they say “well there is some sugar on the table you can make it sweet”… Ummmmmmmmmmmm THAT IS NOT SWEET TEA!!!!!!!!!!!  I should probably do a blog post on how to make proper sweet tea!!!  If that kind of post at all interests someone let me know and I’ll make it happen because I LIVE off of sweet tea so I make it a few times a week!!!

9.  I had so much fun designing Kenzie’s nursery and big girl room!!!! I even have had fun helping my sister with hers!!!!

10.  I’m NOT a huge hostess!!! Like it’s not my gifting… but I do love being able to shower those that I love with love so the few I’ve thrown in the past year have been a lot of fun and once all is said and done I love it when they start and I get to step back and see everyone mingling and loving on the person that’s being showered!!!

🙂 See y’all next month!!!!!!!!  If you’ve missed any of my 10 things posts be sure to check them all out here…

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