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You may have noticed that my blog has been down for the last two weeks… well if you know me and my tendency to want things to happen perfectly, you’ll know that never in a million years did I want it to be down that long, but with my luck (for those of you that missed my February 10 things about Kendra post… let me just say I have the worst luck EVER… and believe me it’s bad) ;).  It just so happened that when I was updating my blog/now website & blog all in one… and transferring my main domain name there were a few hiccups so I chose to pull it down until I could release it all at one time, so I apologize to anyone who visited during the down time and got the “under construction” message!

I contacted my friend/also my graphic designer about combining my website & blog a few months ago and after sharing what I wanted, where I see my brand & business now & in the future… we (well Whitney might have nudged me 😉 ) decided that not only was a website redo in order but also a mini re-brand of Kendra Martin Photography.  I can’t tell y’all how excited I am with the way my new logo, website, & brand as a whole look!!!  I knew from the beginning I wanted clean, simple, and classic… and y’all Whitney totally delivered!!!

Thank you Whitney for making this happen!!  It’s once again been a pleasure to work with you & alongside of you during this whole process!!!!!  So without further ado here is the new look of Kendra Martin Photography!!!!!  OHHHHHH and be sure to go piddle around the whole website because it’s ALL NEW!!!!! 🙂 🙂

Kendra-Martin-brand-Board-3Can’t wait to share all the sessions I’ve been keeping under wraps while in the process of this website redo!! Be sure to check back over the next few weeks to see what all I’ve been up to!!

Kendra Martin Photography is a Greenville, SC Wedding Photographer & Spartanburg Photographer specializing in Wedding, Senior, & Lifestyle Photography.

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  1. Taneisha Harrison says:

    Your website looks so beautiful, Kendra! I love it so much! The color palette, font choices, layout, everything! <3





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