Capturing Your Big Day: Tips for Choosing the Perfect Wedding Videographer

Let’s chat about something that’ll bring your big day back to life every time you hit play on that video: finding the absolute best wedding videographer. Trust me, picking the right one can make a world of difference in how your day is remembered.

What Makes a Videographer Shine

Just like finding a stellar photographer, a great videographer is a team player! They vibe with the room, go with the flow, and work in harmony with everyone involved. Think of them as your memory architects, capturing the real, unfiltered magic without making you redo those genuine, heartfelt moments.

But… there are two sides to every coin, right? A bad videographer? That’s a whole other story. 

We’ll talk about all of this below.

Good Vibes, Great Memories

Now, let me tell you about the good stuff—working with a fantastic videographer. It’s like finding your wedding soulmate! When there’s harmony, teamwork, and a vibe that feels perfect, that’s where the magic happens. They’re not just documenting; they’re assisting, contributing, and blending into the scene seamlessly.

Imagine a day where your videographer becomes your assistant, helping move furniture or fixing the train on your dress. That’s the dream team, right? When you’re in sync, the day unfolds beautifully.

Flip the Coin: The Not-So-Great Encounters

Okay, brace yourselves for some wedding day horror stories! It’s those moments when videographers turn your day into a movie set. Redoing everything under the sun, taking over the ceremony space, and blocking the view of your nearest and dearest—seriously, we don’t want that!

Imagine planning your day down to the last second, and then, out of the blue, you’re retaking your first kiss three times! That’s not movie magic—that’s a nightmare.

Choosing the Perfect Match

Now, let’s talk about the most crucial part—how to pick THE one! Ask yourselves, do you want a videographer who’s the center of attention or one who lets your day speak for itself? Do you want someone who complements your photographer or someone who tries to outshine them?

Remember, it’s your show, your story! So, ask the right questions. Have they worked with your photographer before? Are they willing to be a team player? Check their style, portfolio, and their gear. Trust me, you don’t want someone lugging around a noisy spaceship of equipment during your intimate vows!

A few of my Favorite Wedding Videographers

After photographing weddings for over 16 years, it’s safe to say that I’ve had my run-in with good and bad videographers.

Here are a handful of of videographers I LOVE working with (in no particular order):

Also – these are not the only ones I love working with. These are just some of the ones I have worked with the most and tend to see being the most respectful to you and your vendors, as well as blending in… and of course—are super talented.

Final Thoughts on Hiring a Videographer

Here’s the thing—communication is everything! Whether you value videography more or less than photography, tell your vendors! Be clear about your priorities because it sets the tone for your big day.

Remember, your wedding video is not just a recording; it’s a treasure of memories. So, finding the perfect wedding videographer is crucial. Choose wisely, and let your story unfold beautifully, just the way it should.

Cheers to finding the one who’ll make your memories last forever! 

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