So I’d love to know what y’all think of these 10 things posts… should I keep at it or just stop right this very minute?!  It’s been fun writing them but I’m not sure if I can come up with 12 months of them (this is month 3 and my goal when I started was to do a post each month for a year…AHHH)!!!  I actually have a whole list to use, it’s just remembering before the month is over to write and post!!!!  But I will sure give this a go if y’all are enjoying them… so let me know!!!

Here we go for 10 things about me for APRIL….

1.  I LOVE CHEERWINE!!!!  Now if you’re not from North Carolina there’s a chance you may not know what this nectar of the gods is but if you do know… you know how amazing cheerwine is (and if you’re odd and don’t think it’s amazing please just refrain from telling me I’m wrong… because really, you’re wrong 😉 JK!!! well sort of!!).  I always get the “is it cherry wine?” when I tell people about it…. It is not a wine, it is a soda that was born in the south (Salisbury, NC to be exact) and it is amazing!!! My parents now live in Texas, so while we lived in Texas as well… when they would return from their time visiting NC they would bring me like 12 cases of this stuff… this was twice a year they stocked me up (or if we happened to visit and drive I would just get even more cases of this stuff) and I totally rationed it to make it last for however much time it had to last!!  If you were one of the lucky ones that I let have a can, or a glass… please know that that means I love you a whole lot!!!  Ohhh to now be back in the south and be able to get this at ANY store I want… and even better… to get it at a restaurant (like COOKOUT OR BOJANGLES… believe me those two names will show up again in a 10 things post)… YUM!!!!!!!!!!!!!!  If you ever get a chance… try it, you might just like love it!!!!

2.  I LOVE to travel!!! Like… I love it enough that if I could figure out how we could make a living traveling we’d travel everywhere!!!  I will definitely be sharing a few of my favorite destinations over the next few months!!!!!

3.  I have 3 4 5 favorite colors… in this order… Black, Yellow, Teal/seafoam/anything in this genre of colors, Gray, and Pink (lots of different shades here too)… I couldn’t pick a favorite favorite, I really do love them all!!

4.  I played the oboe.  For those of you who are like “she played the what?!”… click here to see what an oboe is!!!  Wish I wouldn’t have stopped playing it because I loved it!!!

KendraMartinPhotography | Alyse French PhotographyThank you to my friend Alyse for this photo!!! We have photos from this session that we did with her ALL over our house!!!!

5.  Ummm I hate yard work!!! I grew up mowing our yard (both push and riding) and well it ruined me!!!!

6.  KRISPY KREME… enough said… BEST DOUGNUTS EVER!  Well… Britts down at Carolina Beach might beat Krispy Kreme, but good gravy I love a good hot now doughnut every now and again ;)!!!!

7.  I mentioned last month that I LOVE TO READ… one of my favorite authors is Nicholas Sparks!!  Every fall (the past few years he’s skipped a year here and there) I get soo excited to receive a package from my Nana with his newest book inside (I love this tradition that she started MANY years ago… like love it  more than a kid on Christmas morning)!!!!  I love the books, but even more than the books I love that she writes a note to me on the inside cover!! Those books are something I cherish sooooo very much!!!!

KendraMartinPhotography | Aubrey Torrey PhotographyMy friend Aubrey did a lifestlye newborn session with after Kenzie was born.  These images are what made me want to be a lifestyle newborn photographer.  The love that I feel from the photos is something I wanted to be able to give my own clients.  Aubrey, I don’t have the words to thank you for this image & all the other images you took of our family 5 days after Kenzie was born.  We love them dearly!!!!!

8.  I love to decorate….. with gallery walls (I’m NOT AT ALL A DECORATOR… but give me an empty wall and I’ll fill it with frames & favorite memories)!!!! One of these days I’ll do a post of how we display our photos all over our house!!! We love being surrounded by our memories!!

9.  One of my favorite cities is Charleston, SC.  I remember visiting there the first time when I was in college and just falling in love with it, like everything about it.  One of my best friends moved there for PA school so I then got to visit even more and fell even more in love with it every time I would visit her… and then the icing on the cake was Gary proposing to me there!!! I love that city soo much!!!!!!!  Lots of things to do & places to eat!!! It’s beautiful and sooo very southern!!!! Gary, we have to go back… like SOON!!! 🙂

10. I LOVE friendships!!  With moving around a lot in my 30 years I’ve realized the importance of friends, what it means to really cherish & cultivate friendships.  My favorite types of friendships are the ones where you can seriously just be you, you can talk about anything, go walking, eat ice cream, do normal every day stuff, do life together from a distance & when you pick up it feels like it was just yesterday.  I have been blessed with the most amazing friends over my lifetime…  friends that are literally all over the country, from every aspect of my life…  I’m thankful for the ability to support, love, pray, and just do life with these friends!!!!!

Whelp, there’s April’s 10 things!!! See y’all next month!!!


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Greenville Photographer | 10 Things… APRIL!!

April 23, 2015