Your Photographer Beyond the Wedding Day: Why I Love Becoming Your Family Photographer

One of the biggest honors of my life is when one of my wedding photography couples contacts me the next year to photograph their first year anniversary or holiday card photos. And when they reach out for me to photograph their newborn baby? My heart swells. 

Then there are the clients who keep contacting me, year after year, to photograph their growing family. I become a puddle of emotion.

It’s one of the highest honors to become your family photographer for life. To get to capture authentic moments with you. To grow with you. To celebrate you. 

To be welcomed in as if I were a family member who gets the privilege of capturing the sweetest and most private moments of your family’s life.

It’s truly an honor. And today, rather than a typical tips and tricks post, I wanted to share with you my heart and why I love staying your photographer through every major milestone and life event.

Capture Authentic Moments for You

We all know that, for most people, being in front of the camera is a little jarring and nerve-wracking. But if you’re already comfortable with your photographer because you know him or her so well from photographing your engagement and wedding, it makes those future family sessions so much better. So much more natural. So much more real.

You’ll be more comfortable being yourselves. To look at each other without fearing showing your love. To goof off with each other. To trust your kids around me and let them run around carefree. 

And year after year, as your kids get to know me better, they become more comfortable, too. And there’s nothing sweeter than capturing their unhindered belly laughs and genuine smiles.

(Side note: Be sure to grab my top tips on getting your kids to cooperate during family photos)

Grow With You

One of the best things about becoming your family photographer for life is capturing the growth you make as individuals and as a family. Being there to capture your first year wedding anniversary is sweet. While you two are reminiscing on your wedding day as I snap photos of you, I’m whisked back to your wedding day, too. Your wedding day was a big deal, and I had the incredible honor of  experiencing it with you. And while we’re capturing your first year together as husband and wife, my mind races back to that day when I got to witness the two of you become a family. I can’t help but grin when I think of your nerves right before you walked down the aisle. Or your massive grin as you came back down the aisle as husband and wife. My eyes well up a little as I think back to your first dance and those sweet, private moments where we snuck off for some Golden Hour photos. Watching you two flourish in your first year of marriage is nothing short of an honor.

And going beyond that—to be able to watch you grow as a family… as you have kids… and as your kids grow older (because they inevitably will), my heart swells with pride to be able to be trusted so much to get to capture that growth for you. 

Honestly? I feel like I become part of your family.

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Celebrate With You

I’ve already celebrated one of the biggest days of your life with you: your wedding day. I was there with you for hours, only leaving your side to use the restroom or snap a picture of your grandmother with your second cousin. I was there to capture every hand-hold, every stolen kiss, and every smile as you gazed at each other for the first time as husband and wife. It was truly one of the most magical days.

After celebrating such a big day with you, there’s nothing more special than capturing other major milestones with you. From photographing your first year anniversary to photographing your newborn baby just days after you come home from the hospital to photographing your yearly family photos, every milestone and moment is a celebration, and I am honored to get to celebrate each with you.

Whether I’ve photographed your engagement, your wedding, or your family, you are special to me. And I would love nothing more than to keep capturing your special moments and life together.

And if we haven’t worked together? Let’s start.

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