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It’s a New Year, and there are lots of new engagements! Hopefully you’ve popped all the bubbly and started celebrating! One of the things you may already be thinking about is your engagement photos. 

I want to provide lots of value and tips for you, so today I want to talk to you about when to schedule your engagement photo session.

How will you be using your engagement photos?

How you use your engagement photos may play a big factor in when you schedule your engagement session. 

If you are using your engagement photos for your Save the Date cards, then we (more than likely) need to get hoppin’ on scheduling your session. If we are less than a year out from your wedding, then we need to get your engagement session scheduled as soon as possible. That gives me enough time to edit your photos and get them back to you in time for you to order your Save the Dates.

If you aren’t using your engagement photos for your Save the Dates, then it doesn’t matter too much when we schedule your session. We can do them a year ahead of your wedding. We can do them two months before your wedding. It really doesn’t matter.

Regardless of when you take your photos, I do have one request: let’s make sure we book your session 1.5 months out from the time you need your photos in your hands.

BUT… I do have some other tips for you to think about…

What’s your favorite season of the year?

If you aren’t using your engagement photos for your Save the Dates, and if you aren’t in a huge rush to get them taken, then think about your favorite season? Do you love the fresh, bright look in the Spring? Or do you love the hot, sultry summer days of Summer? Or are you more of a Fall couple, with the orange, brown, auburn, and yellow leaves in the background? Maybe you love Winter and its evergreens. 

What seasonal clothes do you like wearing the most? Sure, that might sound like a silly question, but think about it: you’re going to have to choose outfits for your engagement session, so why not make sure you can choose your favorite type of clothes to wear? If you love wearing tank tops and shorts, then let’s shoot for a Summer engagement session. If you l-o-v-e wearing sweaters, jeans, and boots, then Summer is definitely not the season for you. 

So if you care more about the season you get your photos taken during, let’s be sure to schedule it during the season you love the most. Just as an FYI—I open my calendar for sessions 3-4 months out.

Additional tips

  1. The absolute BEST time of day for your session is 1-2 hours before sunset or at sunrise. This time of day gives off the best lighting. Promise.
  2. I personally schedule the majority of my sessions Friday-Sunday. So since you’re more than likely going to get yourself ready (think:  freshly washed, blown out hair and full face of makeup), why not schedule it for a Friday or Saturday so you can go on date night after? No use in wasting all that time spent getting ready for just an hour of engagement photos!

No matter what, I want you to enjoy your session and fall in love with your images. So unless you need your photos for your Save the Dates, let’s get your engagement session scheduled during a season you love and/or for the seasonal clothing you love wearing the most.

Let’s set up a time to chat about your engagement session!

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