Everything You Need to Know Before You Book a Fall Photo Session

You’ve heard me say it before, but just as a reminder: Fall is hands-down the most popular season to have your photos taken. It’s beautiful. The autumn colors of rust, gold, copper, and brown are magical. Mother Nature puts on one heck of a show, especially around the Upstate of SC where you can easily see the leaves changing colors in the mountains.

And even though we’re still in the hot, sweltering summer months, if you’re even remotely interested in scheduling a fall photo session, you need to start thinking about it. And, as usual, I’ve got you covered with the things you need to know before you book your family’s fall photo session.

When should I book my fall family photo session?

Great question. Short answer: as soon as you can. 

As soon as you see that your favorite family photographer is opening slots for fall sessions, RUN. Just kidding. Kind of.

We get booked FAST for fall sessions, so don’t sleep on hiring your favorite photographer. 

Most photographers start thinking about their fall openings early. I’m already booking for fall sessions, and I have very limited spots from October-November (December is closed) (Hint, hint…)

So do what you need to do to stay updated with your photographer… join his/her email list, follow them on Instagram, etc.

Not on my email list? You should join it. Just sayin’.  I only email you every other month so I don’t junk up your inbox. And because I rarely email you, you can rest easy knowing that it’ll be worth it. Click here to join my email family!

What’s the best month to schedule my fall family photo session?

Well, this may be determined by your photographer’s schedule. If your photographer doesn’t have set dates you can book, then talk to him or her about what they think is the best month for fall photos.
Around Greenville, Spartanburg, and surrounding areas, I think the best time is late October and early November. This is when we typically see peak colors on the leaves. That means you’re going to get those vibrant, warm and coveted colors. (And—bonus—because I edit true-to-life, you’re going to actually see those beautiful colors again when you have your photos in your hands.)

What should I wear to my fall photo session?

Take into consideration the season and what the landscape is going to look like. If you’re surrounded by warm, autumn colors, then you want to complement those colors with your clothing. Think: earthy, warm, muted colors. BUT… a beautiful emerald or navy color looks STUNNING against a fall backdrop, too.

But if you’re having your session done at the beach, you’re going to see cooler colors. They’ll still be rather muted, but they’ll be on the cooler spectrum. Think: muted blues, greens, sandy colors.

Another tip for you: Start with mom’s outfit. Or your daughter’s. Or whoever the female is in the relationship. Women’s clothing tends to have more colors and more patterns, so it’s easier to match  his clothing to hers once you know what she is wearing.

My last tip is to complement the colors you’re wearing. Don’t be too matchy-matchy… or you risk appearing cheesy.

You can scroll through Pinterest for plenty of outfit inspiration, but here are some of my favorites from some of my clients over the years:

Greenville SC family portraits

Family photos are something to cherish, both in the physical product you hold in the end and during the time you get to spend together during your actual photo session. Relax and have fun with it. But be prepared and don’t wait until the last minute to book your family session!

Stay in the loop about my Fall Session openings by joining my email list or following me on Instagram.

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