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I’m going to go ahead and tell you that this post is all sort of random :)!!! BUT if you know me, that’s how I role!!!!!

A few Friday evenings ago I met one of my best friends for dinner.  She lives in Charlotte so met halfway in the cute little town of Kings Mountain, NC & found a very yummy restaurant!!  We WILL be meeting there again :)!!  Well while we chatted over dinner & then kept chatting on that beautiful night on a quiet bench outside, we somehow stumbled on talking about  creativity and I can’t remember exactly what all we talked about but I remember telling Emily that I had a fun session scheduled at the end of the month and if she was free and wanted to tag along she totally could because I knew it was going to be fun & it would also give her a chance to play with her camera!!  I could probably talk to Emily for hours upon hours about all sorts of things and I love that, there’s something about our friendship and how we “get one another”… well I probably bug her way more than she wants me to about photography things but she gets me, she gets photography, she loves photography… so in turn I probably talk about it way too much!! SORRY EMILY IF I DO!!!!  Jumping ahead to Sunday evening she did come down to Spartanburg to tag along and play with her camera.  Before she headed back to Charlotte, she ended up letting me have all the photos she snapped since some of them were behind the scenes…. I looked through them today and Emily, you captured some great images of Elspeth & Kevin!!!  Emily also captured some behind the scenes shots that I wanted to share!!!  Thank you Emily so much for capturing these and for coming down on Sunday!! It was so much fun!!!

Kendra Martin Photography | Greenville, SC Wedding Photographer 1This is also a teaser for Sunday’s session.  Y’ALL!!!!!  Elspeth & Kevin rocked it in front of the camera and I had soo sooo sooo soo much fun just being with them & photographing them.  I can not wait to share their images with you all in a few weeks!!! PS… all of Elspeth’s skirts & all of Kevin’s bow ties were made by either Elspeth or her mom Becky.  They own Belles of Cotton… and they make beautiful clothing & pillows & other stuff as well!! You HAVE to go take a look at their site!!!!!!!!  Kendra Martin Photography | Greenville, SC Wedding Photographer 2

When I saw the photos Emily took with me in them I totally had to laugh.  I wrote her and said “well I’m a walking billboard for Shootsac!!!”  I’ve had a few people ask me what kind of bag it is that I carry on me to weddings & sessions, so I figured this would be a perfect opportunity to share!!!!  Well I carry a Shootsac lens bag.  Yes, there are TONS of bags made for photographers out there (and I’m on my 2nd rolling bag in 5 years.. but that can be for another post), but this is the bag that I found worked for me back in 2009 and thankfully continues to work for me today.  For sessions it’s great because I have my camera in hand (usually with 50 or 35mm on… for this particular session my 50mm didn’t leave my camera), either my 35 or 50mm in my bag, extra memory cards, lens cloth, keys, id, a water bottle, and maybe a few other things.  For weddings I have everything that I have for a wedding, probably my flash in there, and batteries.  Everything else stays in my rolling bag in a safe & secure location that is easy to get to if I need any backups or whatever.  So yeah… I really like my shootsac!!!

Kendra Martin Photography | Greenville, SC Wedding Photographer 3

I really can not wait to share this session with you all!!!  Thank you to Emily for these photos & for Elspeth & Kevin for such a fun few hours!!!!!

Kendra Martin Photography | Greenville, SC Wedding Photographer 4

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  1. Ruth Bloch says:

    So great having images of you shooting!!

  2. Dawn says:

    Love seeing these BTS shots!

  3. Morgan says:

    That is so fun to have images of you shooting your session!

  4. Katy Hibberd says:

    Hie bow ties are amazing! love it !

  5. Heather says:

    Oh how nice for you to have these!





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