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The last 10 weeks have both flown by and been crazy long.  From the time Gary accepted the job in SC, to putting the house on the market, selling, closing, Gary moving to SC, us staying here, finding a house in SC and all that that has entailed, to today it’s been a whirlwind.  Gary moved to Spartanburg the day we closed on our house here in Texas… that was 6 weeks ago… we’ve seen him once since he’s been gone so we are super excited to be back with him and be a family of three once again once we step foot in SC.  Gary used to be gone with his job in Texas but usually that wasn’t more than a week at a time so this whole 6 weeks at once thing was an adjustment and crazy and I hope we don’t have to do this again EVER or for a very very long time!!  It’s crazy to think that 6 weeks ago we started dreaming and thinking about this day.  Today is the day we pack up and say goodbye to our home here in Texas to start the next adventure in Spartanburg, South Carolina.  I’m excited for this next step, but I can’t lie… I’m going to miss Texas.. I’m going to miss my family, my friends, the place that came to be home to us and where we started a family…  I can’t thank my parents & sister & brother-in-law enough for all the love and support and help they have been these past 6 weeks.  Kenzie & I have loved seeing somebody almost every day… going to miss being able to see y’all whenever we want!!  Thank you to all of our friends for the love you’ve given us the last 6 years… it’s been fun and we are going to miss everyone soo soo much!!!  Soo many memories are right here in the Houston area and I am so very grateful and thankful for them!! Looking forward to the new memories we will make in Spartanburg, SC!!!!!

If you happen to email/contact me in any way over the next few weeks & I’m not speedy quick to respond please know that we are in the middle of moving to the East Coast and as soon as we get settled and I get my office up and my feet underneath me I will be back at it photography wise and will respond as quickly as I can!!!

And because I can’t do a blog post w/out a photo… here’s a photo my friend Jamie took of the three of us a few weeks prior to Gary leaving!!


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  1. Melissa says:

    This is such a bittersweet post. I can not believe you were in Texas for 6 years! I know you made so many awesome friendships and memories that will be with you forever! Nowwwww let me express my excitement 🙂 ahhhhhhhh youre coming back to me!!!!!!!





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