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I am soooo excited to show off my new branding!!!!  It has been in the works since May(ish) and I am sooo in love.  I have known for a while that I wanted to change my branding because I’ve changed.  I’ve changed as a person, as a photographer, and so in a lot of ways my photography/business has changed.  I knew I wanted something that fit “me” better.  Don’t get me wrong, I loved my old logo and colors and what not, but like a lot of things in life that change and evolve I knew what I had wasn’t the direction I wanted to keep heading with my business.  I spent a lot of time looking for someone that I could really work with to make changing my branding a reality.  I was on linkedIn one day and somehow came across Whitney’s name.  I noticed that she was a graphic designer and she also was attending college at my Alma mater (UNCW!!!) so I thought “hmmm let’s go check her out”… so I did :)!! I started following her blog, really liked her work, got on her waiting list, and didn’t know when she’d open up for new stuff but figured when she did hopefully I’d be ready to make the jump with my branding.  In May Whitney and I “met” via email and started the whole branding journey!! 🙂  Initially all I wanted was a new logo and I’d figure out the rest ;)!! HA!! So we did the logo, and then Whitney spent her summer studying abroad in Europe so I had the whole summer to think about things and see what else I might want to do.  Well she got back and started her senior year & in September I contacted her again and said I have this whole laundry list of stuff I want to do, are you interested and sure enough she was game and so I hired her again to help me finish off this new branding!!  Whitney was amazing through all of this, listened to what I wanted/needed & I’m in love with the end product.  She’ll probably laugh because I probably said it a million times but from the beginning I wanted “classic, clean & simple”… “more than anything I want my images to pop”… I wanted whatever we did to just add to what I do behind the camera and I truly believe that’s what we have ended up with.  So that’s where I am and that’s where all this new branding came from!!!  I’m still working on bits and pieces but you’ll definitely see all the new stuff going into 2014!!  Whitney, THANK YOU!!!!!  Thank you for putting up with my craziness and my indecisiveness and for helping me create the new look of Kendra Martin Photography!!!

Kendra Martin PHotography


The Website & Blog with the new look!!

Kendra Martin Photography


If you’re looking for a graphic designer/blog designer/social media designer, etc… look up Whitney!! You’ll LOVE HER!!!! AND there’s a VERY good chance you’ll gain a friend!!!  Whitney you are definitely a friend in my book and I can’t wait to hopefully meet you in March!!!!!!!!

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Kendra Martin Photography specializes in Wedding, Senior Portrait, Lifestyle, Newborn, Family, Maternity and Child Photography in Greenville SC & Spartanburg, SC and surrounding areas including but not limited to Charlotte, NC and Houston, TX.


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  1. Whitney Vass says:

    Kendra you are seriously the sweetest! I have loved every second of working together and I’m so glad that we have become friends!!! 🙂





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