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Yes I’m very behind with posting these… 🙂 but better late than never!!  Back in April one of my best friends Janine, who also just happens to be a photographer (she is who captured Kenzie’s birth day and our maternity photos) met up with us EARLY on a Friday morning to take a few family photos.  We live in Texas so I was prepared for a mild spring morning with it being APRIL… instead we had freezing cold temps (like 40’s if I remember correctly)!!!  Kenzie was in a ROMPER!!!! I felt soo bad for her but she was such a little trooper!!  You can tell from the photos that she wasn’t the happiest of babies that particular morning but this momma doesn’t mind because it’s definitely who she was in that moment and that’s what I love!!  If you were to walk in my house you’d see all kinds of photos and I love it, I love photos!!!  Even though I love photos, I really do HATE getting in front of the camera but I do it because I need to (and by need I mean that I need to see what it’s like, I need to feel what my clients feel), but I also I want to… I want photos taken of my family, I want memories that I can look back on that aren’t just photos we snapped with our phones that are more than likely blurry (even though some of my most treasured photos happen to be blurry iphone photos)…photos to me are time capsules, and I love being able to look at them and be transported back to those moments and memories.  I am always snapping away and very rarely do I actually get to be in photos… Even though I hate being in photos, the truth is… I want to be in those photos, I don’t want Kenzie to look at all the millions of photos we’ve taken one day and say “mom, why aren’t you in any photos with me”…  Janine, THANK YOU!!!!  Thank you for capturing these sweet photos on a VERY cold April morning!!!!  Thank you for capturing memories that I couldn’t have captured on my own!!!

photography by janinephotography by janinephotography by janinephotography by janinephotography by janine

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