heading to Peru…

In just a few short days I will be heading to Peru on a  mission trip.  I’m filled with excitement and nervousness when I think about my upcoming trip.  I know that God has huge plans in store for our team while we are there and I can’t wait to see how He works.

One of my dearest and closest friends is in Greece right now… and a few months ago she asked me to be a guest on her blog while she was gone… at first I had no idea what I was going to write about, but then it hit me… Peru… I don’t want to re-write it, so if you’re interested in reading what I wrote click here 🙂 .

(ps… Emily is an amazing writer and blogs about her experiences, she writes devotionals, along with a few other things… so please check her out, b/c you’ll love her!!  Her blog is called The Inner harbor)

You should see a bridal sneak peek from the two weddings I have this weekend (yes I have two weddings and that might just kill me b/c after two weddings I will then leave for Peru), but other than that you probably won’t see a whole lot/if anything on the blog while I’m in Peru.  I would love to say that I scheduled all kinds of blogs… but sadly I’ve been much too busy to get ahead.  Check back in a few weeks when I’m back at it!!

ohhh and I’d love it if you prayed for my 9 team members and I while we are away, please also pray for the people of Peru we will be ministering to, as well as the families we are leaving behind here in Texas (ps… don’t get any crazy ideas, my husband will still be home)!!

See you soon!! 🙂