When Gary and I first moved to Texas my dad suggested that we try out this REAL group (it’s the name of our church’s small groups) that had a few married couples in it, so us not knowing anyone but my parents here in TX figured what could it hurt.  So we showed up at Matt and Meagan’s house and met them & two other couples.  I can not tell you how thankful I am that Matt and Meagan are in our lives.  They are truly an amazing couple and we love them very much.  Since that first meeting at their house, Meagan and I have become very good friends and have experienced so many things together… from having the same boss, her and Matt being photography guinea pigs, to going to Brazil on a mission trip.  Since I first Meagan I’ve known that more than anything she has wanted to be a mom.  So last October when I got the phone call that made it official I couldn’t have been happier and knowing me I probably jumped up and down and squealed with delight!!  Ohh and by the way it’s not just one baby, they are having twins!!!!!!!  🙂  I can’t believe in less than 3 months these precious babies will be joining this amazing family.  I am so happy for the two of you and I can’t wait to meet the new additions 😉 !!

All of that to say, that a few weeks ago Ashley and Erin hosted a wonderful baby shower for Meagan!  Thank you both for everything you did, here’s a few shots from the afternoon…

Meagan’s Baby Shower!!

April 2, 2010