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When I came across this contest that Amy Wenzel is doing I got really excited… then I realized that the deadline is tonight!

Amy wants us to tell her our story… not just random facts but she wants to know how I inspire others.  How on earth am I supposed to know if I inspire(d) anyone, I’m only 25… it’s not as if I have had years of time or opportunities where I could have inspired anyone…  So as I’m sitting here and pondering and then re-reading the whole contest rules and am really considering not finishing this b/c “is it really worth it”… I see it.  I see what she really wants to know – how do I love, serve or inspire…

well Amy, I have no idea how I inspire others.  I do strive to be myself.  I do my best to not have a mask on hiding who I really am, but really try to just be me (the goofy, loud, way too honest, pessimistic, Jesus loving “girl” that I am) in everything I do.  Whether that be as a wife, child, sister, grandchild, friend, co-worker, photographer, part of the body of Christ, youth leader, mentor, stranger, etc…  What you see with me is what you get, and I hope that I inspire others with who I am and what I stand for.

I have loved my husband since I was 15 years old (we were HS sweet hearts), I love my family through thick & thin (when I have hated them, I have loved them b/c they are part of me), I love my friends and would do anything for them, I love my nana (when I spend time with her and talk to her, I see what loving looks like, b/c she exudes Christ’s love and it’s her example that I look to) , I love the youth in my youth group as if they were my kids (they know that when I get onto them for the crazy stuff they do it’s not b/c I’m being a “meanie” it’s b/c I care about them)…  As the girl that simply likes to go on long drives, bask in the sun, and snuggle with by dog, I love with my whole heart.  I love not so that I can be loved back, but b/c Christ has always loved me… so why shouldn’t I love others?!

Thinking about it, my story in short is… I’m Kendra.  I’m a simple girl.  I’m goofy,  sometimes too honest, and I love my savior Jesus Christ.  I do my best to wake up every day and thank Him and serve Him (however that may be) with my whole heart.

There are tons of stories that you’re getting to read and I have no idea which one of us you’ll pick.  But I do know that if I was to win this contest it’d be a huge step in my journey of being the best photographer that I can be.  I was asked last year if I could do anything I wanted, “what would it be?”  My response was “to capture God with my lens.”  I haven’t figured out exactly what that looks like, but I do know that it’s capturing the beauty of His creation in others (whether it be a smile, a tear, a kiss or even a big OOPPS!).  I am always trying to be better, and I believe that your workshop will help me be better at capturing people as they are!

– Kendra

P.S.  Thank you Amy for what you do!!

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  1. I enjoyed reading your story Kendra 🙂 So cute and sincere! Good luck!





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