Laugh all you want, but all I have to say is that Daisy LOVES her snuggie!!  That’s right, we got her a hot pink snuggie.  I didn’t think Gary would ever be for having Daisy wear clothes, well I was wrong.  We had Daisy groomed a few weekends ago and thinking it would start to warm up we didn’t think about her getting cold at all.  Well it has stayed pretty chilly here in the great state of Texas and our dog has been shivering like crazy.  So last week Gary and I went to PetsMart and bought Daisy a snuggie.  To my surprise there were only 3 left on the rack.. I’m just thankful I’m not the only crazy person to buy my dog a snuggie.  It’s a little big for her, but she likes it!!  Here’s a quick shot I snapped a few nights ago!!

… and yes I know that only her eyes are in focus and the rest of the photo is out of focus… I was playing with my new lens :)!!

Go Ahead & Laugh…

February 18, 2010