Me & Gary

I realize I haven’t really blogged at all about my life and I’d like to do that randomly so that you can get to know who I am a little bit.  I really don’t even know where I’d like to start.  I guess since I titled this Me & Gary, I’ll tell you a little bit about me and my wonderful husband (he’ll probably kill me when he realizes that I wrote something about him… ohh well).  Gary and I met and started dating in high school (yes, we were high school sweethearts).  I was a little ol’ freshman and he was a sophomore.  We had a few of the same friends, but he and I had never met… I remember the first time I saw him and really paid attention to him, I was wearing platform flip flops (b/c that was the cool thing to wear when I was in 9th grade) and I walked past him and thought to myself “HE’S SHORT!!!!!”… not that I had any room to talk, and obviously it didn’t matter b/c I fell in love with him anyways!!  Long story short (and I’m sure I’ll blog more at some other point about us)… we dated in high school, most of college (GO SEAHAWKS), he proposed in beautiful Charleston, SC my senior year and later that year we got married in our home town in NC.  We moved to Northern VA after getting married and then a year later we were both transferred to the great state of Texas.  Which brings me to the pictures below… Lucky for us my parents had moved down to Texas (actually the same town we now live in) a year before we did… soo this year for Thanksgiving we spent the day with them and lucky for us talked my dad into snapping a few photos for us.  Thanks Dad for taking our pictures!!!us1


I laughed when I saw the next two pictures that my dad happened to get.  I’m not really sure why Gary’s laughing, but I love his smile… and I’m contemplating how to position Gary and I 🙂 … The expressions we have are just us!!


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