Small Moments, Big Memories: The Power of Wedding Details Photos

Today we’re going to have a little chat about something that adds a touch of magic to your wedding album: wedding details photos. These snapshots help capture the heart and soul of your big day. They include everything from the lace on your dress to the ribbon tied on the ends of the aisles at your ceremony. So, grab your favorite drink (mimosas, anyone?) and get cozy because we’re about to dive into why these photos are absolute game-changers! (Plus, OF COURSE, a list of things to include in your wedding details photos)

What Are Wedding Details Photos?

Wedding details photos are a collection of images that focus on the small, intricate elements that contribute to the overall ambiance and design of your wedding day. From the bride’s stunning jewelry to the groom’s stylish boutonniere, details photos make up everything from the invitation suite to the guestbook at your reception. These images highlight the craftsmanship, beauty, and sentimentality of each individual item, allowing you to relive the magic of your wedding day for years to come.

Wedding dress hanging with brides bouquet and gold shoes sitting on chairs

Why Wedding Details Photos Matter

At first glance, you might think that details photos are just pretty pictures of stationery and accessories. However, they’re so much more than that! 

Wedding details photos serve as a visual narrative of your special day, capturing the essence and personality of your wedding style. You spent MONTHS (sometimes longer) planning your wedding. Why wouldn’t you want to capture every detail and thought that went into it?

Wedding invitation suite for swan house wedding.  Blue with purple, white and blue florals

What to Include in Your Wedding Details Photos

When it comes to wedding details photos, the possibilities are endless! Here are some key items to consider including in your photo lineup:

  • Bridal Attire: Showcase the intricate details of your wedding gown, veil, shoes, and accessories. Your photographer will likely capture close-up shots of any special embroidery or lacework.
  • Groom’s Details: His suit, tie, cufflinks, socks, and shoes
  • Bridal Bouquet: Your bouquet, bridesmaid bouquets, and boutonnieres
  • Loose Flowers and Blooms: Don’t be afraid to ask your floral designer to leave behind some loose blooms and greenery! These are so fun to place around your invitation suite and jewelry. (Note: your floral designer may have to charge you a little extra for these… some do, some don’t)
  • Wedding Rings + Jewelry: Don’t forget to photograph your wedding bands and engagement ring! If you have a pretty ring box (this is one of my favorite wedding ring boxes!), pack that for your photographer. Set aside your jewelry, too!
  • Invitation Suite: Wedding invitations, save-the-dates, and other paper goods.
  • Decor and Details: Ceremony and reception decor, including table settings, centerpieces, signage, and favors.
Gold wedding shoes by Birman sitting on blue background with colorful florals around shoes

Things to Consider When Planning Your Wedding Details Photos

As you prepare for your wedding day, keep these tips in mind to ensure your details photos are picture-perfect:

  • Plan Ahead: Gather all your wedding details and accessories in one place before your photographer arrives. This will save time and ensure that nothing gets overlooked. It also prevents your photographer from having to ask you where things are.
  • Keep It Organized: Arrange your items neatly and thoughtfully, taking care to remove any clutter or distractions from the background. (Your photographer should also be cognizant of these things and shoot from angles and locations that don’t have a ton of clutter).
  • Take off all tags and wrappings: Go ahead and take off any price tags, plastic, or wrappings (even boxes). Have everything out and unwrapped, ready for your photographer to grab. If she has to unwrap things herself, it’s going to eat into your photo time and you’ll likely get less photos. Womp womp.
  • Communicate with Your Photographer: Share your vision and preferences with your photographer in advance, including any specific shots or details you want to highlight. 
  • Trust Your Photographer’s Expertise: Remember that your photographer is a professional with a trained eye for composition and creativity. Trust their guidance and let them work their magic!

Take a moment to appreciate the beauty in the small things – those little details that make your day uniquely yours. And don’t hesitate to share your vision with your photographer – they’re your partner in all of this! Here’s to you, your love story, and all the sweet little details that make it oh-so-perfect. 

wedding invitation for farrah redman wedding.  Florals, invitation, bracelet

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