2023 Recap: Reflecting on a Journey of Stories, Love, and Gratitude

Can you believe it’s a new year?! As we embrace the end of another year and welcome a new one, let’s take a stroll down memory lane together. This is one of my FAVORITE posts to write (and honestly? It kind of took me by surprise to learn in a recent survey that it’s one of YOUR favorite posts to read!). 2023 was a whirlwind of clicks, love, laughter, and oh so many beautiful moments!

Capturing the Essence of Life: 23 Weddings, 68 Sessions, and 8 Incredible Shoots

Whoa, what a rollercoaster of love and life 2023 was! I’ve had the absolute honor of documenting 23 heartfelt weddings, engaging in 68 heartwarming sessions spanning family, senior, and newborn bliss, and plunging into 8 incredibly diverse shoots. Each shoot and session carried a unique tale, and I cherished every single one.

From the Upstate to the Lowcountry and Beyond

I had the INCREDIBLE privilege of loving and serving couples and families across the entire state of South Carolina as well as some other pretty cool locations.

2023 let me stay in the Upstate, shooting in Spartanburg, Landrum, Greenville, and Anderson.

…I also got to travel to Huntsville, Alabama, Beaufort, SC, and the lovely Charleston (including Isle of Palms, CHS, North Charleston, Hollywood).

It was an exhilarating journey across these locations. 

Oh, and I can’t forget my delightful encounters in Charlotte, NC!

Celebrating Every Connection and Moment Shared

Every click, every connection, and every story that found its way in front of my lens is a treasure I hold dear. It’s been a joyful ride to witness familiar faces, returning clients, and capturing the beautiful transition of couples into parenthood, their growing families, and the heartwarming reunions with families I’ve had the pleasure of photographing over the past 9.5 years living in South Carolina. You all are my inspiration and joy!

Grateful for the Collaborative Journey

Professionally, there has been a tapestry woven with amazing women and companies. I’ve been blessed with an incredible team, expanding and growing behind the scenes. Big big shoutouts to Emily, Jacqueline, Laura, Jennifer, Ashley, Shannon, Sharon, and our consistent second shooters – Laura & Jacqueline, Devin, Jessica, Sabrina, Roxy – all incredible souls who’ve made every frame a work of art.

Adventures, Escapades, and Family Moments

Ah, beyond the lens, life has been an adventure too! We ventured to the bustling streets of NYC (pssst…. a post about that is in the pipeline – stay tuned!) and savored our first Fripp Island getaway. 

Our home got a splash of color, and we’re this close to calling it a wrap on the interior décor – exciting, right?

Also, kudos to Gary for nearing the final stages of his dissertation!

A Year of Intention, Love, and Learning

This year’s pace? Well, it’s been a mix of intentional strides and an uptick in the girls’ school and dance schedules, turning me into a full-time mom-uber! Amidst it all, I’ve dived into some soul-nourishing books, occasionally losing track of which story I’m in – but hey, that’s the joy of reading, right?

Some of my favorite books of 2023 were:

  • How to Human by Carlos Whittaker
  • Hello Stranger by Katherine Center
  • Present over Perfect by Shauna Niequist
  • Meet me at the Lake by Carley Fortune
  • The Very Secret Society of Irregular Witches by Sangu Mandanna

Gratitude and More to Come

To each of you who’s allowed me to be part of your journey, thank you! Your trust, your stories, and your smiles have painted this year with vibrant colors. As we gear up for what’s ahead, I’m eagerly anticipating more adventures, heartfelt clicks, and beautiful connections.

With overflowing gratitude,


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