Best Pro Tips For a Simple Newborn Photography Session

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If you’re looking to capture some of the most precious moments of your newborn’s life, then you’ll want to take some stunning newborn photos. Luckily, with a few pro tips, your newborn session can be smooth and enjoyable. The result? Beautiful, sweet photos you and your family will cherish for years to come.

When to schedule your newborn photography session

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spartanburg newborn photographer

When it comes to newborn photography, timing is everything. The best time to photograph a newborn is within the first 10 days after birth, but anytime within the first month is excellent. I don’t want you to stress about this.

My newborn sessions last about 1.5 hours. This gives us plenty of time without feeling rushed, and it allows you time for feeding, changing diapers, and comforting your baby.

Here’s the thing: we can plan all we want, but ultimately, your baby will decide when it’s time. So while we can’t nail down an exact date right now, it’s important to start talking about the details. We can also go ahead and get you booked so that when your baby decides it’s time, we can schedule you on my calendar ASAP.

In the meantime, here are a few more tips to keep in mind as you prepare for your newborn photo session.

Location of your newborn photography session

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When it comes to choosing a location for your newborn photo session, there are a few things to keep in mind. First and foremost, pick a spot that has meaning to you or is significant in some way. This could be anywhere from your backyard to a family member’s home. Or, if you want something more unique, consider an outdoor spot with beautiful weather. If you choose an indoor location, try to find a room with plenty of natural light. This will help create stunning newborn photos no matter where you are.

My newborn sessions are in-home lifestyle sessions. Typically I’m in your bedroom, the nursery, or another room that you’re comfortable in. This allows me to capture you candidly and in your home where you’re most at-ease.

How to prepare for your newborn session

To ensure a smooth session, it’s a good idea to have everything ready in advance. This includes things like having your baby’s outfit ready, pre-heating the house, and clearing the clutter.

I can’t stress enough how important it is to clear the clutter. Have all your rooms clean (or at least the rooms you know we’ll be taking photos in). Nothing’s worse than having beautiful, professional images of your new baby only to see a box of diapers or a stack of magazines in the background.

What to wear for your newborn photography session

Clothing plays an important role in the overall look of your newborn photos. The best way to choose clothing is to go for neutrals that will contrast well with your background. Dark or light neutrals are great options.

You want to make sure that the baby is the focus of the photo, so avoid anything with patterns or logos that could distract from the baby’s face. Try avoiding clothing with trendy words or phrases for a more timeless look.

While I don’t personally use props in my newborn sessions, if you choose them, make sure they are safe and sturdy. Avoid anything that could topple over or hurt your baby. Stick to simple props that complement the overall look of the photo without being too distracting. 

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