15 years…

Not entirely sure how we’ve been married for 15 years!!!  I feel like October 6, 2007 was just yesterday and I’ve blinked and so much has happened in such a “short” amount of time.  Gosh what a fun ride these last 15 years have been.  I can’t wait for the next 15!!! 

This past year was so fun!!  From “finishing” a few home projects (because “we” still need to paint… lol), to a few trips to the mountains and to the beach, to you coming along to assist me at weddings in Puerto Rico and in California… we’ve done a lot of traveling and spent more time together one on one this year than we have I think since Kenzie was born a little over ten years ago. It’s been a lot of fun!!

I have loved making new memories with you this past year as well as continuing with traditions we’ve done every year.  I love doing life alongside of you!! I love that not only are you my husband, you are my best friend (granted Kenlee may say I can’t be your best friend because I’m her best friend… have fun debating that one with her!!)… but you are my best friend and I love you so much.  

Happy 15th Anniversary!!!!  Here’s to a lifetime more!!!