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I’ve had to start over on this post more times than I want to admit. And it’s because I have SOOO much I want to say because I’ve known Anna Grace for a lot of years now and she’s super special to me and to my girls. But I’ll leave my gushing over her to another day. I do share that little bit because when Will reached out to me back in April about photographing him proposing to Anna Grace I squealed and then cried happy tears because this was someone I know and care about and call a friend. Fast forward from the evening he dm’d me on instagram to me getting to know Will via phone call as we chatted about our stories and then his plans on April 24th!!!

Initially Will didn’t know exactly when or where he’d proposed but he told me on the day of the proposal that he couldn’t shake doing it somewhere other than where they met and where they started dating. He even planned the getting down on one knee within 10-15 feet of where them dating began. Y’all proposals make me so nervous… but this one had me nervous to the EXTREME!!! I don’t know if I’ve ever shaken that bad while waiting and then during photos to save my life!!! I was a hot mess but sooo excited!!!! I arrived on Wofford’s campus EARLY because I didn’t want Anna Grace to come onto campus with her sister and just happen to see me. So I got there and pretended to read a book while waiting for everything to happen. I even let a student that was near me in on the surprise (I knew I’d need to leave my bag so I didn’t want her to think I was too crazy for just hopping up and leaving my stuff behind). While sitting there “reading” Will walked up… and my response was “ohh no what happened”… I wasn’t supposed to see him until the proposal… but he was able to get there early and we got to chat even more.

Y’all this man’s heart and love for Anna Grace is amazing and I am so excited for these two!!! From the moment Anna Grace realized what was happening the excitement and joy was infectious. Shoot, it’s still infectious as I sit here thinking about all of it. They had the biggest smiles before, during and after it and it was such an honor to document!!!! I know I could share more but I just want to get to the images :)!!! Will, THANK YOU for wanting me to capture this sweet moment for you and Anna Grace!!! Anna Grace, I’m SOOOO SOOOO glad I got to be there and capture it happening, also glad that I now don’t have to keep a secret from you!!!! Here are a few images from the proposal and then the super quick session we did after the proposal!!!

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