8 Things You Probably Didn’t Know You Shouldn’t Wear to Your Engagement Session

You’re engaged (yay!), and you may have already read what to wear to your engagement session, but have you looked up what you should NOT wear?

Yeah, there are some things you definitely need to avoid wearing to your engagement session. Lucky for you, I’m going to cover those for you today so you’re armed with information as you plan for your photos.
So grab a glass of your favorite beverage (mine’s a glass of wine), kick your feet up, and read on…

Avoid being matchy-matchy.

You definitely want your outfits to be cohesive and seem like they go together well. You don’t want to be too matchy-matchy, though. Instead of wearing outfits that are from the exact same color palette, wear clothing that complement each other.

Leave the loud patterns.

Loud patterns are a bad idea because they’re going to take away from the emotion and feelings of your photos. Instead, choose solid colors and avoid patterns  if at all possible.

Steer clear of trends.

These photos are going to last a lifetime, so chances are you want them to stand the test of time. That means choosing outfits that lean more on the classic side of things. Save your trendy clothes for date night or brunch with the girls.

Pass on the perfume.

Leave your perfume and cologne at home. They attract bugs, and no one wants to be swatting away bugs for an hour.

Skip the too-tight, too-short, or too-baggy.

Find outfits that fit you and your body type well. Yes, I want you to be comfortable, but I also want you to look good. And wearing anything that’s too tight, too short, or too baggy isn’t going to make for pretty, classic photos. If you have an outfit that you LOVE that doesn’t fit well right now, consider getting it tailored.

Lose the Logos.

Pay attention to any shirts or clothing that have logos… especially large logos. Wearing logos and graphics will draw attention away from the two of you. If wearing graphic tees is your thing, and that’s what you feel comfortable in, then go for it. But try to find something that’s a little more classic and has a more subtle graphic on the front.

Forget the fluorescents.

Like many of these items, fluorescents and neons are going to distract from you as a couple. And chances are, you’re going to regret wearing them once you see the final photos.

Skip the spray tan.

I know, I know. This isn’t technically something you wear, but I’d be doing you a disservice by leaving it out. If you get your spray tan, you run the risk of looking orange in your photos… even if you don’t look orange in-person.

There you have it! My top tips on what to avoid wearing to your engagement session.

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