The Best Photo Spots in Beaufort, SC | Beaufort Photographer

I absolutely love visiting Beaufort, SC. It’s charming… it’s kind of like a little Charleston, and fun fact: it’s actually been nicknamed “The Little Charleston”. There’s so much to see and do while you’re there. Even if you’re taking a trip to Charleston, you can easily take a day trip to Beaufort because it’s only a 1.5 hour drive.

And—like Charleston–there are plenty of photo spots for your photography session. Whether you’re having your engagement session, bridal session, family session, or senior session… Beaufort has a good amount of backdrops to use. 

Because I’m heading there April 4-8, 2022 with a few openings for sessions!), I wanted to tell you about some of my absolute favorite photo spots in Beaufort.

Hunting Island State Park

Hunting Island State Park is South Carolina’s most popular state park. While you do have to pay for admittance on the island, the fee is low. The beautiful thing about Hunting Island State Park is that it is completely natural and clean. There are thousands of acres of marsh. There’s a saltwater lagoon, and of course, 5 miles of beach. The lighthouse is one of the only ones in the entire state that is actually accessible by the public. But when it comes to taking your photos at Hunting Island State Park, you really can’t go wrong with choosing the beach side or the marsh side of the island.

Harbor Island

Not too far from Beaufort is Harbor Island. It’s a small barrier island covered in natural beauty. It has a small-town, local feel to it… and the beaches are a perfect background for any photo session. The beaches aren’t crowded and aren’t commercialized. They’re just full of natural beauty which can make any photo session timeless and classic.

Downtown Beaufort

You can’t go wrong with a photo session in downtown Beaufort… especially on the quiet small streets. With southern porches framed with Spanish moss, Victorian-era architectural elements peeking out, and palm trees lining the streets, you’ll feel as though you’ve stepped foot on a romantic comedy movie set. My favorite downtown photo spots have to be the quiet back streets that are tucked away here and there. They’re private, quaint, and definitely Instagram-worthy.

If you’re going to be in the Beaufort area on April 4-8, and want to schedule a photo session, let’s chat!

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