14 Years!! Happy Anniversary Gary!! | Spartanburg Photographer

Usually I have this post written at least the day before our anniversary but I’m sitting here at 12:57 on October 6, 2021 and I’m just now writing it. It’s been a crazy fun season that we are in the middle of right now sooooo I’m pretty sure you’ll forgive me for being a tad late with this one!!

14 years ago we stood before our family and friends and were married. We shared a few tears and laughter (we totally knocked heads during our kiss) and we shared vows that still today hold true. Gary you are my best friend (don’t tell Kenlee) and I am so thankful for you and this life that we live.

Thankful for moves all over the country to now ones down the road to hopefully the place we call home for years and years to come. Thankful for trips to fun places but even more thankful for our trips that are low key and we get to just be. Thankful for Tuesday night date nights at home, to dreaming about all the things we want to do, go and be when we grow up.

Thankful for anniversary celebrations the night before our anniversary that include good food and a trip to target. Thankful for your love and support and friendship. I love you so much!! Here’s to 14 years of marriage and to a lifetime more!!