Happy Birthday Gary!!!

Happy Birthday Gary!!! I know this year has been a crazy one.  From it starting with you taking care of me after surgery, to starting the remodeling process of our home, to us navigating covid to girls being home ALL the time, to you dealing with work stuff, to just 2020 in general… it’s been an interesting year.  A year where you have been a rock to our family.  When all crazy has broken loose you have reminded me over and over again that it’ll be okay and we’ll make it work.  Gary, I love doing life alongside of you.  I love that even when we don’t always agree at the end of the day we figure it out and keep going.  I love that since you were sixteen years old I’ve gotten to celebrate you and your life.  You are an amazing dad, friend, person and husband and I love you so very much!!  Here’s to many more birthdays and hopefully a year that’s not as crazy as this one has been!!!  HAPPY BIRTHDAY!!!!