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So I decided after hearing so many people talk about having their photos taken and how nervous they are or how anxious photos make them… I decided that I’m going to give you five tips to prepare for your engagement session!!  And y’all these tips can be used really for ANY session and they should be helpful no matter who your photographer is!!!  I’m coming at this post as someone who has been in front of the camera countless times but also as the photographer who has hopped out of a car for a session only to see panicked and nervous couples walking towards me.  Read them with a grain of salt and take and leave what you want but these are tips to prepare you for your engagement session and they are in no particular order!!

1.  Schedule your engagement session at least a month out.  This way you have time to figure out your outfits and you’re not rushing at the last minute to “find the perfect outfit!!”.  My couples usually wear two outfits during their session… but sometimes they only wear one because for them it was easier to find one that they loved than two that they only so so loved!! Do what is best for you two!!

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2.  LOVE YOUR OUTFITS AND THE WAY THEY FIT YOU AND MAKE YOU FEEL!! Yes, I just screamed that at you.  If you don’t love the way an outfit fits you or the way you look in it.. do not wear it. I don’t care how cute it is… love your outfit and feel good & confident in it.  I’m an odd ball in the photography community with this one.. if you love color, wear it!! My big tips with my couples are:  a.  Coordinate, don’t be matchy matchy … b.  stay away from tiny stripes and checks because they photograph oddly (and y’all are going to see soon that I didn’t listen to my own advice and it looks strange :)) c. ASK FOR MY HELP :)!!!

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3.  Ladies, have your hair and makeup done if that makes the process less stressful!!! 

4.  Schedule a date for after the session… you’re already dressed up so why not take advantage of it!!

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5.  This is my BIG one!!!  Throw every expectation that you have (whether good or bad) out the window.  Show up to your session with an open mind and have fun with it… these are your engagement photos with the person you love more than anyone so enjoy making a few new memories together!!  My hope is you have hired a photographer that you love both in personality & because of their images…. so know that we have your back and we want to create images that you will love!!  So just have fun with it!!!

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Thank you so much for stopping by!! One of my favorite things to do is share my clients’ images!! It gives you a look at the kind of images you will receive if you hire me to be your photographer.  If you would like to see what a full session or wedding looks like, please feel free to ask!

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