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Last July my sister and nephew were coming down for the morning to visit and so I could take his three year photos.  She had texted me that morning to tell me that she was going to do two outfits and I simply said “okay” not thinking anything of it. I proceeded to do our laundry and the thought crossed my mind “I wish she was going to have another kid… a daughter so I could give her all the girls clothes” but I just as quickly dismissed it because well Cara had said for a while that Oliver was going to be their only child

Oliver & Cara arrived and we took photos and played and then we came inside so Oliver could change.  I was standing in my living room probably scrolling my phone when Oliver came down the hall and I got a glimpse of his shirt and did a double take because it said “Big Bro” and I started to cry.  Of course Oliver thought he did something wrong but really I was just overcome with happiness because I had NO idea this would ever happen

Well back in February my little niece was born!!  We almost shared a birthday!!  She was born early and I was sick so getting up to meet her and document her didn’t happen for a few weeks.  But y’all back in March I had the opportunity to go up on a Friday morning and hug Oliver, my sister and David and meet this precious little girl.  This little girl that I love soo much and I am soo excited to watch grow up and see what God has in store for her.  She is a real life doll baby and I am soo soo honored that Cara & David asked me to come photograph her & them as a family of four!!!  I love you guys and I’m so proud of you!!  Here are a few of my favorite images from Keagan’s newborn session!!

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A HUGE shout out to those that I had the privilege of working alongside on this wedding day!!