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Kendra Martin Photography | Greenville Wedding Photographer | Spartanburg Wedding Photographer

Kendra Martin Photography | Greenville Wedding Photographer | Spartanburg Photographer

10 years ago when I first started photography I thought there were a lot of photographers. HA I had NO idea what A LOT OF PHOTOGRAPHERS looked like. Y’all there are SOOOOO many photographers today. A big part of that is due to technology and all of the education that is right at people’s fingertips so the learning curve for all things photography, editing and business are at the click of a button (ps if you’re a photographer that is newer… be SOOO thankful for this because 10 years ago…. people weren’t so willing to share and educate other photographers). I can say that I take full advantage of the education and resources out there because I believe one can never stop learning… one can only get better and better so that’s what I do every day/month/year. I get better so that I can serve my clients better!!!

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All of that to say when it comes to picking a photographer … well as a consumer you have your “pick of the liter”. Like I talked about in this blog post (if you click that link you can read about my style of photography) you just need to find someone’s style that you love and you want to have plastered on your walls for 30-50 years!! So that brings me to if there are ALL these photographers out there… why should you pick me…. Kendra Martin Photography to be you photographer over all the other photographers out there… well I’m going to give you a few reasons why!! First off you should pick me only if you love my images, feel like you’d have an amazing time together and you value photography. Your photographer (for whatever you hire them for) is more than just the images you receive. While the images are the reason you go with someone… it’s also the experience and the way you feel when you’re with them and in front of the camera. If we don’t hit it off… no hard feelings. I WANT YOU to have the most amazing photography experience you can and if that means with someone else then I want someone else to be your photographer. I know what it’s like to have bad experiences in front of the camera so that’s why I’m so adamant about you finding a great fit for YOU!!

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You should book me as your photographer because y’all I CARE SOOOOO MUCH!!!!!! I care that you have an experience that you walk away with and love. I care that you have images that are tact sharp. I care that you walk away with all the different moments even if it means you walk away with A LOT of images… because there’s no reason for me NOT to give you all the good ones (granted if they look the exact same you don’t need all of those but if the image is different and it meets my criteria of great … well it’s yours!! I always tell people they are going to get an average of xyz per hour that I shoot… HA talk to anyone who has been in front of my camera… I usually give a lot more than that “average” I give probably too many images, but I give what I love to get when I’m in front of the camera because all the little moments matter to me). I care that you have images that look exactly like the day and moment looked and not whatever trend is going on five years ago, right now or five years down the road. I want you to remember exactly what your flowers looked like. What the green of the grass looked like at that time of year. I want you to be transported back to that moment through your images because they reflect the day as it was. I care sooo much about MY CLIENTS. And guess what… I call them my clients… but my clients aren’t just my clients. They become my friends & family. I really do love and care for those that I have the honor to document. I want you to feel like I’m a friend that shows up to love you and serve you and capture you the way they are. I care about the details of your lives and what’s going on. Yes I get busy and I loose touch because that is life and it happens… but gosh if I run into ANYONE out and about you better believe that I am going to stop and hug them (and I’m not a huger but that’s how much I love my clients… they become friends and family) and we’re going to catch up even if it’s all of two minutes. Y’all if you want someone who is going to love you and serve you and have your backs well that’s me!!!!

You should book me because I have been doing this for a good long time and my track record is consistent. I expect consistency and excellence with every session & wedding that I document. Sure I try new things when it comes to poses and how I shoot every now and again…. but I can say without a shadow of a doubt that you know what you’re going to get when you hire me as a photographer. You are going to get clean, classic images that are timeless!!! I also have seen a lot in these 10 years of business. I have seen the good, the bad and the really ugly especially on wedding days and with toddlers who refused to nap (so let your mind wander with how happy those toddlers were at session time)… there’s not a lot that surprises me anymore :)!!

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I could list other reasons why you should hire me but honestly these are my big ones!!! I really do LOVE what I do. It is such an honor to document people’s lives and I don’t take it lightly!!! I am so thankful and grateful for all of those that have let me photograph them these last 10 years and soo excited to see who I get to photograph these next 10+ year!!!! If I sound like someone you want to document your memories email me!!! I would LOVE to chat with you!!! If I don’t but you’d love help finding someone that is a fit for you… EMAIL ME!! I really did mean it when I said I want you to have an amazing photography experience and would LOVE to help you find a photographer that is the perfect fit for you!!!!

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I am so glad that you stopped by my online home!!  One of my favorite things to do is share my clients’ images!! It gives you a look at the kind of images you will receive if you hire me to be your photographer.  If you would like to see what a full session or wedding looks like, please feel free to ask!

If you are interested in having me as your Wedding or Portrait Photographer, please fill out this form and I will get back to you with all of my information.  For a quick glimpse of who I am click here.  Here is a glimpse of investment information.  If you’re ready to book your wedding or session go ahead and click on the contact button above or email me at kendramartinphotography@gmail.com.

I am currently booking Winter 2019 Sessions – Summer 2020 Weddings.  I take a very limited number of weddings & sessions each year (I am only taking on a handful more for 2019) so that I can focus on giving my clients the best possible experience & so I can spend time with my sweet family.  I love what I do & I am looking forward to chatting with you & documenting your sweet memories