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I have a confession… senior photography is a favorite of mine to capture.  Maybe it’s because my first “real” session was 10.5 years ago with my sister, as I photographed her high school senior photos, or maybe it’s because when I started Kendra Martin Photography senior sessions were where I started… either way, I adore getting to document high school seniors OR college seniors.  Guys or gals… I think both types of sessions are fun and I LOVE getting to know whoever it is in front of my camera.  I love hearing what they are involved in, where they are looking to go to college or where they are going, or what they are going to do after graduation, etc… Seniors are so fun for me and breathe so much life into me not only while the session is happening, but even while I’m editing, to right now as I am blogging one.  My senior year of high school was tough.  I had moved to a new city, which meant… new school, new coaches, new church, new everything so I can say senior year I was concerned about one thing only…. getting through that year and going to college where I could be at the same school for four straight years!!  But during my senior year I took a film photography class and it’s where I became hooked on photography!!  That class is one of the reasons I am sitting here today as a photographer.  I had quite a few people love on me and take me in as a friend that year and even though they probably wont read this… I want to thank them.  Senior year is hard, and so throw in being the new girl… well I can’t thank those that befriended me that year enough.  It still means soo soo soo much to me!!!

During my senior year I had two experiences with “senior photos”!!!  One of which was a total surprise because it was makeup picture day/didn’t go to the school the previous year so it was time to have your drape photo taken for the year book… geeze that was a nightmare and I don’t look back on those photos or experience fondly.  BUT my mom, the spring of my senior year schedule a senior session for me with a photographer there in Charlotte and that was a GOOD experience!! I had NO idea what to expect.  The internet then, is not what is is today so I only saw a handful of images this photographer had taken but boy was I excited.  This sweet photographer had a studio in his home where he did both studio portraits and also portraits outside in his AMAZING yard!!  I probably asked him a billion questions…  but he was soo soo kind and willing to answer them all and it was a great experience for me.  I love those photos… every time I see them at my parents house I still smile because no matter how hard that year was for me… y’all those photo portray who I was and I love it!! Yeah they are a little more posed than I will EVER make my seniors be but I’m still a fan of them!!!

I just wrote a book about me… but I wanted to share a piece of my heart and a little bit about my why for senior photography.  I want my seniors to feel the way I did… the way I still do about my senior session and the images that I walked away with.  I want them to look back at their images and smile!!  They aren’t the cheesy drape photos or sitting on the year you graduate numbers.  My senior sessions are me and that senior with hopefully mom or dad or both or siblings tagging along, having fun!! Learning about them, what makes them tick, what they want to do when graduate that year… My senior sessions are simple.  More than anything I want moms and dads to see the images of their son or daughter and know that’s exactly who they are/were at that time in their lives!!  Last Sunday afternoon I had the absolute privilege of having Anna Grace in front of my camera.  Y’all this young lady is sweet as can be.  She’s funny!!  She’s smart, she’s athletic… but what I saw during that session more than anything was that this girl loves.. and I saw it in the love she has for her family.  Her mom and little sister tagged along and I loved seeing them together.  The jokes, the smiles, the “ohh my gosh my baby is almost graduating”, the love that Anna Grace radiates!!  I’m so excited for her as she finishes up her senior year and I’m even more excited to see where she’ll head in the fall!!!  Anna Grace,  THANK YOU for wanting to get in front of my camera!! I loved getting to know you & I’m looking forward to seeing where life takes you!!!  Here are just a few of my favorite images from her session!!

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  1. Michelle says:

    Beautiful photos- you captured her perfectly!

  2. She is beautiful and you got so many great shots! Love the leaves!

  3. This senior is so gorgeous!! What beautiful pictures! 🙂

  4. Megan says:

    Such a beautiful senior! Wonderful photos!!! Her family will treasure these.

  5. Karla says:

    These are beautiful!

  6. Renee says:

    So lovely! I am sure her family is so proud of her!

  7. Anna says:

    She is a beautiful senior. You captured her perfectly.

  8. Allison Craig says:

    She has such a warm smile. Beautiful portraits!

  9. Julie says:

    These senior portraits are classic and timeless!





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