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Over the years I’ve been asked by both photographers & clients why I do not specialize in a particular area of photography….  So today I’m going to answer that question :)!!

Kendra Martin Photography | Spartanburg Senior Photographer | Greenville Senior Photographer

Some of you will read this and be like specialize? Photographer’s specialize? And the answer is yes, there are photographers that ONLY photograph weddings, or seniors, or newborns, or xyz…. If you’ve followed me for any length of time you’ll notice that I definitely photograph all those different “specialties”… I haven’t (and I say haven’t because who is to say in x amount of years that I don’t choose to specialize in something… but for me as a photographer right now this is my answer to this question…)… I haven’t chosen to specialize because I love photographing love!!!

Kendra Martin Photography | Greenville Wedding Photographer | Spartanburg Wedding Photographer | Ellery Farms

I love engagements, I love wedding days… I love the “soon to be”, I love newborns, I love families, and I love watching families grow and then photographing those kids as they go off to do their own thing… So yep, I love love.. All types of love. Not just “we’re getting married love” but all the love that comes from every stage of life. I love the relationships I build with my clients. I love that brides are already thinking about the future and tell me “we can’t wait for you to photograph our family as we grow”… Well I can’t wait either, because I seriously adore the relationships and friendships I’ve created over all the different stages of life.

Kendra Martin Photographer | Greenville Newborn Photographer | Spartanburg Newborn Photographer

I can’t imagine just photographing newborns and not watching them grow into 5 year olds, or high school juniors, that I then photograph as seniors… and then as college seniors and then as brides… I LOVE my clients and I love getting the opportunity to document them for so many different milestones… so yeah, you may see me focus on certain areas in photography at times but right now I don’t want to stop photographing all kinds of love!!!!!

Kendra Martin Photography | Spartanburg, SC Photographer | Greenville, SC Photographer

Kendra Martin Photography is a Greenville Photographer & Spartanburg Photographer specializing in Wedding, Senior, and Lifestyle Photography.

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