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I’m at it again!!!  I’m starting something else that is new on the blog and I am soo soo excited!!!  I’ve been in business for the last 6 years and over these last 6 years I have been asked A LOT of different questions photography/business wise and a lot of times they end up being the same questions over and over… sooo I thought it would be a good idea to start answering questions (hopefully weekly… but if I don’t get to a question each week please don’t hate me) here on the blog… that way I have a place I can refer everyone to when/if the question pops up again & it gives people a chance to see the question & answer before they even have to ask it ;)!!  I know as a consumer I like to know the why’s and how’s and all the little details so my hope is that this new little part of the blog will be informative and beneficial to my clients and even other photographers (well that’s if any other photographers follow me 😉 ).  Any question that I answer will be specifically answered based on my experience and my business (and my business only, there are lots of photographers out there and we all do things a little differently… and I love that because how boring would it be if we all did everything the exact same way!!! so please no haters if I do things different than someone else does… BUT if you just have to hate shoot me an email we can chat that way 🙂  I spent a lot of time a few weeks ago remembering and brainstorming and I have written down as many questions as I can remember and y’all I can almost get to this time next year, but if you have a question for me photography wise please please please ask me and I’d love to put it on my list and answer it one of these days!!!!!

Y’all I am soo soo excited about this new little area of my blog.  Right now I’m being boring and calling it Q&A with Kendra… I’d love suggestions on a better name if you have them :)!!!  I’ve definitely seen others come up with some great names but I didn’t want to copy any of them so that’s why I just went boring :)!!!

And because I can’t blog without posting a photo I’m sharing this sweet photo of these sisters I photographed a few falls ago!!! Between the light, the girls, the rest of their sweet family (and not the mosquitoes that were killing us)… I LOVE LOVE LOVE this image from this session… and I had to share it again!!!  I’m really looking forward to being able to pull out images from past sessions when I do these blog posts… I love getting to relive sessions & fall in love with images over and over again!!!!!

Katy, TX Family Photographer - Kendra Martin PhotographyKendra Martin Photography is a Greenville Photographer & Spartanburg Photographer specializing in Wedding, Senior, Lifestyle, Newborn, Family, Maternity, and Child photography!!

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