What a year it has been!!!  But I hope on this day you can sit here and say that at times, yes it was a crazy crazy year… but it was a good year… I say that, because that’s how I feel.  There was a lot of joy, worry, sadness, love, excitement, fear, transition, among many other things in this past year… but you dealt with it all soo amazingly well!! You lead our home in decisions that had to be made & you loved us unconditionally (in mine & Kenzie’s good AND not so good moods :)).  Gary I love you soo soo much and I’m so thankful that I get to spend this 31st birthday with you!!!  I love you so incredibly much & am so thankful for the man of God that you are & the example you set every day!!  Kenzie & I are pretty lucky to have you in our lives!!!!  HAPPY HAPPY BIRTHDAY!!!!!!!

Gary, I know it’s your birthday but as I’m looking at this image that I just uploaded to this post I can’t just sit here and just wish you a happy birthday!!  This image and what it represents means a lot.  There are a handful of things in this image that I love OHH Soo very much:  You, Kenzie, the sand, the ocean, the sun, and photography & each one of them together makes me one very happy girl!!!  Thank you for standing beside me for all these years, for loving me, being an incredible best friend & husband, making many memories on the beach, for being an amazing daddy to Kenzie & for supporting and encouraging me in all that I do (whether that be wife, mom, photographer, etc…)  Thank you for putting up with me taking LOTS of photos all these years… especially now, I love capturing moments of you and Kenzie!!!!  I love you!!

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