Lindsay & Landon… {Katy, TX – Maternity Photographer}

When we first moved to Texas and I started working at the church I work at…  I had someone tell me that I should meet this girl named “Lindsay”… they said we could probably be friends.  Well, I never seemed to run into Lindsay until one evening a group of ladies that had all sort of just moved into the area/a few who had grown up in the area all got together to meet and talk about maybe meeting on a weekly basis and dig into God’s word together… it just so happened Lindsay and I were both there and I realized “OHH you’re who people keep telling me I need to meet!!”  After a season for me of weekly digging into the word with these ladies, chatting with Lindsay now and then… fast forward to the spring of 2011 and I just so happened to be catching up with Lindsay and mentioned that there was an opening at GFUMC and if she was interested let me know… well Lindsay came on board and I’ve been working alongside of her ever since.  Over the last 4 years I have LOVED getting to know this amazing woman and I can say that she is a dear dear dear friend and I am so thankful for her.  She is wise, kind, a woman of God, an amazing wife, friend, and soon to be mommy!!!  I am so happy to say that she will be a mommy come November and that makes me SOOOO excited!!  Hannah  is  loved so incredibly much by her mommy and daddy.  Lindsay & Landon are incredible together and their journey into parenthood hasn’t been the easiest, but God has worked in them and through them (and in working through them… God has worked in others… y’alls faithfulness and trust in Him is amazing and I can’t thank y’all enough for the example you two have set for me and I’m sure others around you as well) and in just a few weeks time they will welcome their baby girl into the world.  Thank you guys for letting me spend an evening with y’all and capture your love for one another, for Hannah, and for Christ!!!

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