Addison… {Houston, TX – Portrait Photographer}

Addison, ohh my gosh I don’t even know where to start!!!  I love, love, love hanging out with you & getting to take your photos.  You are so much fun and so incredibly sweet.  I feel so blessed that last fall you and your amazing mother walked into my life.  I know we’ve only spent a little time together and getting to know one another but I feel like I have known you for forever and you’re like a little sister in a lot of ways.  Good luck this fall in South Carolina!!  I am so jealous that you’ll be on the east coast, around my sweet tea, bbq, and everything else that I love that’s southern!!!  Thank you so much for wanting to get back in front of my camera!! Thank you for helping challenge me to be a better photographer!! Can’t wait to run into you down the road one of these days!!!  Don’t be a stranger!! <3