Corey & Skylar Engagement Session | Greenville Wedding Photographer

I met Corey a few years ago when she stopped by the church I work at to visit her mom (her mom was my “neighbor” and I LOVE her ohh so much… Mary, can you please move back to Texas?!).  Other than seeing Corey when she’d pop in to say hello I really only got to know Corey through her mom, and then through pinterest the past year… with only meeting her here and there and hearing about Corey through her mom I knew that if I ever got to hang out with her I’d probably instantly like her and want to be her friend!

Back in December I got an email from Mary saying that Corey & Skylar were going to be getting married and they wanted me to photograph the wedding.  I was SUPER excited because over the last few years Mary had become an older/wiser sister to me in so many ways and so them wanting me to be the one to capture Corey’s big day means the world to me.  I hadn’t told Mary I was pregnant yet (shoot I hadn’t told hardly anyone yet) but I knew that I needed to give them a heads up that if they were getting married in May they’d have a VERY pregnant wedding photographer on their hands but I was up for it!!  Well Corey and Mary still wanted me to be the one to capture Corey’s big day so over the next week or so Corey and I lined out the details and very quickly made arrangements for Corey and Skylar’s engagement session.

The first Friday of January I met up with these two and immediately confirmed my suspicions of really liking Corey and wanting to be her friend.  Corey is so sweet and I LOVED hanging out with her… too bad she doesn’t live close to Houston!!  Corey & Skylar are amazing together and were so much fun to spend time with!!  Thank you two for your ideas, willingness to do whatever, and for being so awesome in front of my camera.  I can’t wait to photograph your wedding in May!!!