Tessa first contacted me in December when she wasn’t quite engaged but knew Lance would be popping the question any day :)… so when she contacted me a few days later saying she was engaged I was super excited.  Tessa’s family lives in Texas but she lives in the DC area at the moment.  Living in DC meant Tessa and I wouldn’t get the chance to get together… so her mom and I met up and after talking to her and hearing about Tessa I knew she’d be someone I’d really mesh with, so when they decided they wanted me to be their wedding photographer I couldn’t wait to finally meet Tessa in person!!

In May I had the privilege of meeting up with Tessa and finally getting to meet her and to take her bridal portraits.  We took the photos at Ashelyn Manor where she also had her wedding and I had a blast with her, her mom & one of her sisters, and one of her close friends (thank you ladies for ALL of your help… from holding flowers to creating shade, you 3 were a huge help!!)  Tessa is a total sweetheart and I am so glad that I was able to be part of her special day.  Tessa is kind, loving, laid back, compassionate, a true friend, and very loyal!!  Tessa I have loved getting to know you over the last 6 months.  Thank you for letting me into your life and wanting me to photograph you!!  Here are a few photos from Tessa’s bridal session back in May…

Tessa’s bridal session… {Houston, TX – Wedding Photographer}

July 11, 2011