Jamie & Seth… {Houston, TX – Lifestyle Photographer}

I have no idea how I talked Jamie and Seth into doing a just for fun shoot with me, but I’m sooo glad they said yes and were willing to be models.  It’s been fun to hang out with these two and get to know them :).  It’s crazy to think that I have only known Jamie for a little over half a year…  but she is amazing and I am so blessed to have her in my life.  Jamie is sweet, talented, and  woman of God… and I am so thankful that God placed her in my life at the time He did.  Jamie is a fabulous soccer player (she’s heading to Boston to play on the reserve team for the pro team there… 🙂 hopefully she’ll get pulled up)… I’m sad because she’ll be leaving here in a few weeks and wont be back home till the end of July… but I’m super excited for her and this awesome opportunity.  Jamie is an amazing friend.  I haven’t known her long, but I know that she has my back, will listen to me, will just hang out, would totally tell me if I’m being stupid or over reacting, and she is soo supportive and encouraging.  Jamie, thank you for your friendship.. ohh and thank you for letting my dog yelp like a crazy deranged animal when she first sees Sadie (Sadie is Jamie’s dog… and DAISY LOVES HER!!!).

… Seth I didn’t forget about you :)!!  Thank you for be willing to do this!!  I had a lot of fun, and you were hilarious 🙂 thanks for making me laugh the entire session!!!

Here’s a few shots from our fun session we did a few weeks ago…