Senior Portraits

Colleen’s senior portraits… {Katy, TX – HS Senior Portrait Photographer}

Colleen is a girl after my own heart.  I only spent two hours with her but I became absolutely smitten  :).  Colleen loves life, her friends, being active, her boyfriend, her family, she’s going to be an Aggie in the fall and most importantly she loves CLOTHES…. ohhh and she might have a slight obsession with Ralph Lauren ;)!!  I LOVE clothes too, granted I’m not very stylish and I’m very plain Jane (I love love love my cardigans, trouser jeans and cute flats!!), but I do love clothes… I have way too many (I can hear both my mom and Gary saying YES YOU DO!!!) but I just can’t help myself.  All that to say, Colleen is a sweetie and when she told me about her dress code that she has I about died and went to heaven!!  I couldn’t believe she actually has a dress code, I love it!!  She has very kindly decided to share that dress code with me so that I can blog it :)… that’s how much I loved it!! So ladies and gentleman, after further ado… here is Colleen’s dress code … ohh and the “rules” she created to go with the dress code (she says “They seem strict but it’s for a good cause 🙂 )…(ps… I think she’s brilliant!!)..

Colleen’s Dress Code
Dress-Nice Monday – Because many girls decide to emerge from their houses with smudged eyeliner, sweatpants with PINK across the butt, and some form of hoodie on, this is the day to put something nice on. I can almost guarantee you will feel more awake and begin to love Mondays! 🙂
V-neck Tuesday – Since Monday’s attire was dressier, you deserve to relax on Tuesdays with a crisp v-neck. Please refrain from wearing a shirt that cuts so low your navel is showing. No one wants to see that, I promise.
Cleavage Wednesday – Now as deceiving as the name may be, don’t fret. The point of cleavage Wednesday is to make YOU feel good about yourself, NOT anyone else. Basically, it’s a day for you to put on an actual bra with a little extra oompf in it but not to show it off. So throughout the day, you will know you got a little something goin’ on if you know what I mean 😉
Wear-a-dress’ (or skirt) Thursday – Thursday is almost Friday so go ahead and celebrate it in advance! Slip on a cute dress or flirty skirt and be a girly girl for a day.
Casual or ‘Blazer-Friday’ – Blazer Friday was a tradition started by members of the band but if you’d rather go with the trend of the rest of the world, put on your favorite jeans and a comfy shirt and enjoy your weekend!

1. The Golden Rule: Sweatpants are to NEVER be worn to school.
2. Crocs are a form of devil worship. So are overalls.
3. Ugg boots are adorable, but loose all credibility when worn improperly. For example:
a. With running shorts or sweatpants
b. With a mini skirt
c. In the summer!
4. Black and navy do not match. Do not wear a navy shirt with black shorts or vice versa. Although you might think people don’t notice that you’re wearing navy socks with black pants…they do.
5. Black belts go with black shirts; brown belts go with brown/navy. No exceptions.
6. A ‘messy bun’ and glasses are not a substitute for showering.
7. Sperrys are not to be worn with white socks.
8. Socks and sandals have never been ok.
9. Only one form of plaid should be worn at a time, aka no plaid shirts with a pair of shorts with a different kind of plaid.
10. Bra straps are not an accessory.
11. Shoes were not made to be written on, so please refrain.

🙂 I love it!!  Thanks Colleen for sharing!  Thank you also for an amazing session, you were a blast and I had so much fun… and you cracked me up!!!  Here’s a few photos from our session…


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  1. Donna Langerud says:

    LOVE the Pics….especially the ones in the flowers!

    momma Langerud

  2. Jamie Wagner says:

    Kendra, this was such a fun session, sorry I had to miss most of it =[ You are a great photographer and a lovely person!





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