Becca’s senior portraits… {Katy – HS Senior Portrait Photographer}

If you ever want to meet someone who is gifted and talented in many areas… then you need to meet Becca.  She is smart, and from what I understand ridiculously talented at the cello.  Becca loves to read and loves music as well.  She is so sweet & beautiful, and I loved getting to hang out with her on two different occasions for her senior portraits.  Becca I loved getting to know you and your parents.  I love that you love your friends and your family so much.  I especially love how much you love your parents.  You get along so well with both of them and I love that you guys make each other laugh and smile… and I really love that even your eyes smile when y’all smile at one another.  Becca, you are sooo incredibly bright and I can not wait to see what you end up doing in life.  Keep smiling and loving the way you do!!!  Thank you for two awesome afternoons… thank you for bringing the cello and being willing to do whatever.  One of these days I will get that book list to you :)!!  Good luck this fall at Baylor!!