If you’ve checked out my website or my blog you have probably noticed that I haven’t take a lot of guys senior portraits.  I don’t really know the reason for this, maybe it’s b/c I just relate more to the girls… but whatever the reason I have to say that I LOVE photographing senior guys too!!  This month I was totally blessed with two amazing guy senior sessions!!  I don’t have a brother and I’ve only worked with high school guys in my youth group so going into both sessions I was a tad nervous… I was nervous because I’m not a guy and I don’t really know how they like to stand or sit… yeah I can guess all day long, but at the end of the day I just look funny trying to imitate them… Jeremy and Austin can probably attest to that!!

Let me just say … I should not have been nervous at all with Jeremy b/c this young man is awesome!  He loves the Lord and his family with his whole heart and he is just an all around great guy.  We talked about sports, hobbies, life, and even girls… Jeremy was laid back and just down right awesome and made the session soo much fun and so incredibly easy 🙂 !!  Jeremy will be attending University of Texas in the fall with hopes of joining the Longhorns on the football field (good luck :)… I hope to see you on the tv!!).  This kid is an athlete and a very talented one at that!!  Jeremy you were sooo much fun… well so was the rest of your family as well!!!  I had fun laughing and joking around and getting to know all of you.  Thanks for such a great Sunday evening!!  Here’s a few shots from the session (and ps… I know there are a lot… but I really couldn’t narrow them down any further!!!!!!!!)…

Jeremy’s senior session… {Texas – Senior Portrait Photographer}

March 29, 2011