Melissa told me that there was nooo way Matt would be willing to step in front of my camera.  Well if you know me, I don’t take no for an answer when it comes to photographing my friends :)…. sooooo… 🙂 I sent Matt a message that basically said… “please please please let me take a few photos of you and Melissa while I’m in town…”  Well needless to say he didn’t respond to that right away… but then I got the response 🙂 “anything for Kendra”…. lol (I knew that answer was trouble!!) so I quickly called Melissa and told her what he said … now she’s holding it against him, but hey we were able to get him to say yes…  Well if it was only as easy as that!!!  I think he was planning on backing out of his saying yes to me… but once again I wasn’t about to not take a few photos of my best friend and her beau…  So when he showed up on Saturday to hang out, somehow he was talked into stepping in front of my camera.  He’ll probably lie to you and say he hated it (but deep down inside I think he had fun… shoot, he was laughing and cracking up the whole time!!)

Matt, thank you for being a trooper for all 15 minutes you took pictures!!!  Melissa, I am soo glad I was able to get a few shots of you guys.  Here’s a few from the session…

Melissa & Matt… {North Carolina Lifestyle Photographer}

December 6, 2010