This past weekend I was able to head to North Carolina for photography sessions.  One of the things I really miss about NC is fall, so I was extremely happy to be there to see the beautiful colors of the leaves and get a taste of fall (which we don’t get here in Texas… it was definitely close to 80 degrees today!!) and REAL BBQ.  I had so much fun being able to see people I hadn’t seen in a while and shoot families that are very near and dear to my heart.

The first session I did was for my friend Britney and her husband Adam.  Let me just say that these two are troopers!!!  It was FREEZING when I met up with them at 7:30 in the morning and Britney was wearing a SKIRT… yes a skirt (but she looked good so it didn’t really matter that she was freezing !! 😉 ).  I have known Britney since 6th grade and hanging out with her for just an hour brought back soo many memories and made me sad that there’s been so many years that have gone by since we last spent a lot of time together; but I am so thankful that I was able to spend a little time with her and can’t wait till the next time I can sit across from her and catch up even more.  Britney is a sweetheart… she has always been one of the kindest, dearest and truest people I have ever known.  She loves to love people, has a beautiful/infectious laugh and smile, and has a heart of gold and loves her husband so much.  Britney, Thank you for wanting me to capture these photos for you, it was an honor to do this and such a blessing to spend a little bit of time with you.  I am thankful that you have been in my life for so long and that I can call you a friend (and I love that even though it’s a year a part, that we get to celebrate our anniversaries on the same day!!).  Adam I had a blast with you and you better not ever sale that farm house… it’s AWESOME!!!  🙂 Here are more than a few (b/c I couldn’t make up my mind) photos from our session…

Britney & Adam {North Carolina Lifestyle Photographer}

November 12, 2010