I was going to wait till next week to post these, but then I just got antsy and decided to post them today.  

Quinn is absolutely precious.  The night she was born I didn’t think I’d get a chance to actually see her, but after getting Meagan settled in her room Matt took Gary and I over to see her and I just stared at her (I wanted so badly for Matt and Meagan to be able to hold her and be with her, but at the same time I wanted the doctors to keep standing there, evaluating everything about her).. she was so small and beautiful even with all the monitors and what not hooked up to her.  Quinn finally made her homecoming a little over a month after she was born and everyone was supper excited.  I was excited to get to shoot her session because it was the first time I really was able to see her up close, and hold her and realize how precious life is and once again acknowledge how amazing God is.  But I will say, that even though she’s absolutely precious… she is NOT a fan of the camera and being placed in baskets 🙂 and this little girl is going to be one little handful as she gets older (She is spunky and is stubborn and it’s the cutest thing ever 🙂 )…  I had a lot of fun at this session and I think we were able to get some pretty amazing shots, here’s a few of just Quinn…

baby 2 of 2… {Houston, TX, Newborn Photographer}

August 20, 2010