A few weeks ago Claire’s mom called me to schedule a session for Claire’s senior portraits, so we scheduled them and like always I just prayed that it wouldn’t rain and we’d have good weather/cloudy skies b/c that’s how I’d rather shoot.  Well the day of the session got here and it was beautiful and then what do you know the bottom drops!!!  So I jump on the weather channel and start tracking the next few hours (and it was going to be hit and miss during the session, I thought great… they have to have these pictures before Sunday and tonight is the only night I can do them)… so I just kept my fingers crossed that it would clear up.  I leave work to head to the area where we were going to do the shoot and I’m not 5 mins down the road and Claire’s mom calls me and says that it’s pouring where they live (but it wasn’t where I was and I was right down the road… houston weather is CRAZY!!).  I told her that I was still going to head to where we were going to shoot and make a decision.  It was an hour before we were going to shoot but thankfully they came on over to the area as well.  Claire, her mom and sister were awesome b/c they were so easy going and when I asked them what do you think, they were like we can try it!!!  So that’s what we did, and I am so glad we did.  Granted, we had a few spotty showers here and there, but we were under trees and guarded for the most part.  

I had so much fun with all three of them (check back next week b/c I’ll have a few pictures of the three of them up).  They are so easy going, funny, and just plain fun to be around.  The best part, Claire loves my blue chair.  When I first talked to her mom she said that I had to bring the blue chair.  Turns out it’s Claire’s color!!!  Claire you are amazing and have so much zest for life (never loose that!!).  Good luck in the fall (and next spring during recruitment) and I can’t wait to see where life takes you!!  Here’s a few shoots from our session…

Claire’s Senior Portraits… {Houston, TX, Senior Portrait Photographer}

May 24, 2010