I love when you get the perfect weather on the day of a shoot.  I was a little weary all week when the weather forecast came on and wasn’t 100% sure I’d be able to shoot last Saturday b/c of the chance of rain.  But thankfully we had beautiful, warm weather and there weren’t too many clouds in the sky but just enough!  I’ll be honest I’m not a photographer who hopes for a clear sunny day.. I’d rather shoot with clouds 🙂 (you may disagree and you may not but I love when there’s a few clouds that the sun can hide behind!)… anyways enough about when I like to shoot.

I couldn’t wait for Saturday’s session.  I had never met Marygrace but after talking to her mom on the phone I knew we were going to get a long great (and we did!!)  I had so much fun with both Marygrace and her mom, those two love each other so much and it just oozes out of both of them when they smile and laugh with one another.  Marygrace was really up for whatever, she was the first to use my “chair(s)” (I am so excited that I found two chairs that I love and can’t wait to keep using them at sessions),  she was so laid back and so much fun to be around (she loves to make funny faces, talk about her friends, and loves life)… OH and her laugh and smile are contagious! 🙂 I am so excited about all of her photos, check back in a few weeks b/c there’s one set of pictures I can put up yet b/c it’s her in her prom dress and that’s a surprise to a few people.

Marygrace thank you so much for letting me capture these moments for you!!  Here’s a few shots from the session…

Marygrace’s Senior Portraits… {Houston, TX, Senior Portrait Photographer}

April 9, 2010