I was so excited when Heather’s mom called me and asked me to take her senior portraits.  I was excited b/c I did Heather’s older sisters portraits last year and Heather is just plain awesome!  I wasn’t really sure where we were going to shoot her session and I jumped from one location to the next until I finally had to tell her mom where to meet me (Debbie thank you for trusting me with a location.. hopefully you didn’t think I was too crazy!).  This was the first time I’d shot in this location and I loved it.  Well I loved everything except for my car battery dying!  We had great weather… not too hot, humid and just the right amount of sun peeking behind the cloud covered sky, it was a fabulous evening.

Heather, good luck with everything you do and will do.  Keep holding your head up high and serving with your whole heart.  God has something incredible in store for you and I can’t wait to see/hear about it!!  Thank you so much for such a fun evening and for letting me capture you with my camera!  Here’s a few shots from the session…

Heather’s Senior Portraits… {Katy, TX, Senior Portrait Photographer}

April 27, 2010